#1 Most Obvious Sign She’s Flirting That Most Guys Miss

The other day I was on the phone with Alex, my awesome Wing Girl and she started telling me this story about a guy she met at a cookout, at her parents house…

And how she felt like she was throwing herself at him by doing this one thing that all women do when they want a man to notice them…. BUT this guy didn’t seem to pick up on it.

It was then that I realized…. Maybe guys don’t know how obvious this sign actually is.

So I asked Alex to share her story with you about Mr. Cookout man and tell you about this obvious sign that most men don’t notice… BUT if they did, their dating lives would be boosted through the roof.

Read her story below AND I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

#1 Most Obvious Sign She’s Flirting That Most Guys Miss
By Alex

Yesterday, I met a guy. I met him once before but it was years ago and I didn’t really interact with him much, not like I did yesterday. He’s an attractive single guy, though I will admit I’ve never actually gone out with a guy like him; a country boy from my hometown. But I’m single so why not get to know different kinds of guys? I figured it’s just another way to see what I like and to be more open-minded in the dating sphere. So in the spirit of just getting to know someone I decided to flirt with him, or as best as I could flirt with my family around.

Did I mention that this was a cookout at my parent’s house? No one wants to flirt with someone in front of their parents or other family members, or at least I don’t, so I was trying to keep it subtle. As the evening went on, me and this guy developed a friendly banter between us, mostly brought on by a cornhole tossing game that was going on in the backyard.

The banter was friendly but also filled with sarcastic comments by us both. Maybe a few sexual innuendos here and there. But I still couldn’t figure out if he knew I was flirting with him. I thought he might have realized it because at one point I was in the pool alone and he joined me and we continued teasing and joking.

However, by the end of the evening he still hadn’t asked me for my number or brought up hanging out again, though he did say he looked forward to seeing me the next week (we do this washer tournament every Wednesday at a different house) so we could continue our joking which he assured me would be even more intense because he now knew me better. I thought about putting my number in his phone without him knowing, taking the first step as a woman because I know guys get frustrated with women not making the first move and I’ve had good success making the first move in the past. However, I talked myself out of it.

I wanted to see what he would do because I wasn’t quite sure if he was into me as I was into him. How confusing this dating world is! Also, I was curious to see how he would ultimately react to a girl that flirted with him. Maybe he planned on asking me out by the end of the evening? What if I ruined the whole thing by putting my number in his phone? Or perhaps, he wasn’t into me because he’s already talking to some other girl that no one knows about?

Anyways, I decided I’d give him an opportunity when he was leaving to ask me to hang out or get my number. He had to carry his ice cooler to his car and I made it a point to have me and him end up alone on the side of our house. And…nothing. He didn’t ask me out.

So I decided to share this story with you for a few reasons. First, I wanted to show you that as women we like to “plan” things. Notice how I worked all evening to flirt with him? And I did so subtly? And do you think I ended up in that pool alone? No! When my mom got out of the pool, I stayed in for a few minutes and waited to see what the guy I was interested in would do—and guess what, he got in the pool. I also “planned” for us to be alone when he left to see if he’d ask me out.

Now it may seem crazy that I or any other woman would “plan” our flirting or interactions, and as I write this I know it sounds crazy and silly, but I just wanted to show you that that is what women do. So if you are interacting with a woman, she’s flirting and you keep running into each other, it’s not always by accident—she’s might be into you! Ask her to hang out!

Secondly, I wanted to make sure that you know that flirting isn’t always obvious. I didn’t flutter my eyelashes, I didn’t put my hand on his arm, I didn’t feel his biceps, and I didn’t even compliment him. Actually, we were engaged in a sort of “mean teasing.” We dissed each other’s performance in the toss game, made jokes about the other’s intelligence, and teased each other over a number of other things.

This is not the flirting that you might expect from every woman, but as a confident woman I love challenging guys I’m interested in with a verbal exchange. I want to see if they can come back with witty responses, funny comments, or sarcastic jokes. It shows me, and women like me, that a guy can handle a conversation with us, can challenge us mentally and are on our level of intelligence. My main point: flirting is not something that can be fit into a box and it isn’t some stereotypical interaction illustrated on TV or movies. So if you experience flirting like this, know that it is flirting and the girl is into you! Ask her out!

Well, as for me and this guy, I know that I will see him next Wednesday, and possibly Friday. If he doesn’t contact me via social media by this late evening, I plan on adding him on Facebook and just see where it goes from there. See, girls sometimes make the first move. As Marni would tell you and as I know all too well, what do I really have to lose?

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Let me know what you think about Alex’s story.  Do you see how this was a flirting sign? Do you think you’ve missed this flirting sign before? If so, WHY?

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