#1 Place To Meet Women: The Grocery Store

Want to know the #1 Place to meet women that, I guarantee, most men are tapping into?? It’s the grocery store!!!!  I swear. My new Wing Girl, Alex, explains why.  Read on….

The Untapped Dating Potential of a Grocery Store

By: Wing Girl Alex Temblador (25)

I have this fantasy… I want to be hit on at a grocery store.

Probably not what you had in mind when you heard the word “fantasy.” But you are still interested. A grocery store? Yes, you heard that right. A regular grocery store.

This “fantasy” is actually more of a theory. I have this theory that a grocery store is the perfect meeting spot. I can find out everything that I want to know about a guy based off of where he shops and what kind of food he is buying. I’ve discussed it for four years now with female family members and friends and they all agree; they would love to be approached by a guy at a grocery store.

Each time I see an attractive man at a grocery store, I smile, I give him multiple looks, I “accidentally” run into him several times, but not one of those men have ever taken the bait and approached me. For that matter, I haven’t even had guys I wasn’t attracted to come up and hit on me at the grocery store. I’ve seriously seen zero grocery store action.

Perhaps, men just don’t know that I, a woman, want to be hit on at a grocery store. So here I am, men, from the mouth of a woman, telling you to go up and talk to the attractive girl you see at the grocery store.

There are many reasons why a grocery store is a perfect place for you to meet someone. More importantly, a grocery store provides great ways to approach that beautiful woman browsing the pasta section. I guarantee that once you read through these reasons and check out the tips on how to approach your grocery store crush, you will start seeing the grocery store as a brand new opportunity.

  1. Most single women are going to be doing their grocery shopping alone.

Hate going up to a group of girls alone at the bar only to be shot down by, not just the one that you were seeking out, but all of them? Well, with a grocery store, you don’t have to worry about that. Single women usually shop alone at the grocery store, so the intimidation factor is much lower than at a bar or a club.

  1. Look at the type of basket she is using at the grocery store.

A woman pushing a cart rather than carrying a basket is the best kind of woman to approach at a grocery store. A woman pushing a cart is refilling her kitchen cupboards and will be taking her time around the store. Need a second to gather your courage? No problem, because unlike the girl who grabs a grocery basket and is zipping through the aisles grabbing a short list of items, a woman pushing a grocery cart is taking her time and that means you have more time to approach her. Women who are not in a rush are more likely to be open to speaking with you.

  1. Women aren’t expecting to be hit on at a grocery store.

When a woman goes to the club on a Friday night or hits the bar on a Saturday night, we dress ourselves up, do our makeup with care, buy a new dress, and sashay into the night absolutely expecting to get hit on. Most likely by men who creep us out, or make us feel uncomfortable.

When a woman goes to the grocery store, we are not expecting to get hit on. We are only looking for food.

Let me give you a hypothetical situation using myself. I just got off of an 8-hour work day. I’m tired. My makeup has worn off. My hair isn’t as fluffed and neat as it was when I fixed it this morning. I dribbled a bit of salad dressing on my pants at lunch and am praying no one notices. I do not feel cute or pretty or beautiful when I push the cart through the Trader Joe’s.

Then, a man approaches me with confidence and a smile.

“Hi, I don’t mean to bother you but is that a fleur-de-lis tattoo?” (I have a fleur-de-lis tattoo).

I nod, “Yeah, it is.”

He chuckles. “Whoever did it, did a good job. Or maybe you just make it look good.” My body gets all tingly and all of a sudden I feel ten times better than I did and more open to talking to this man, because he just complimented me at a time when I was not expecting it.

Women guard themselves against compliments at the club. If we show interest in every nice thing someone says at a bar, we might not ever be left alone. But when we aren’t feeling over-the-top confident about ourselves at the grocery store, and you come up to us, give us a compliment, we are more open to continuing a small conversation. Later, when you bump into us in the frozen food aisle, we are probably going to feel a little more flirty and confident enough to give you our phone number when you ask.

  1. You are at a place that allows you to bond over one interest that you inevitably have in common.

No matter what kind of activities you are interested in and no matter what kind of activities she is interested in, you and a woman can always bond over one thing: food. Everyone eats food, and everyone has a “food story” or an opinion about food. So the easiest way to approach a woman at a grocery store is by using food.

You see a girl holding two different bags of chips, trying to make a decision. Walk up to her and say something like, “Oh, this a tough one. Cheetos are a classic. But on the other hand, Ruffles do go better with any kind of dip. And then with Cheetos, there’s the whole getting orange smears on your clothes and crumbs sticking to your fingers.”

Be playful! She will understand that you are making a joke and will probably go along with it.

Or maybe the cute girl you noticed earlier walks by you when you are looking at the cheeses. You stop her politely, “Excuse me. Do you have any idea how Gouda tastes? My boss is coming over, and I’m trying to impress him. What do you think?”

Women love to give advice! And with that advice might bring on some conversation, flirting, and a date.

Food can be good for you in multiple ways!

  1. There are excellent locations to approach a woman at the grocery store.

Standing in line for the check-out is the best place to approach a woman. She’s not going to move from that line unless you are making her very uncomfortable. (But you wouldn’t do that, not with all of the amazing advice from this site.) So if the lines are really long that day and the person checking out is moving slow, you may have 5 minutes to talk with this woman.

And you don’t even have to “approach” her. You just have to get in line behind her with your grocery basket to check out. Just make sure you don’t make it seem like you are stalking her in the grocery store, waiting for that moment she goes to pay for her items. Stay calm, be cool, and pretend you went to that line because you are done shopping and it looked like it was the fastest moving line.

Another great location to go up and talk to a woman would be the wine section. Give a good wine suggestion. A man who knows wine, that’s sexy and tells a woman they appreciate the finer things in life.

Lastly, the deli section. You are all waiting in line for the deli guy to call your number. Ask her what deli meat she suggests and see what she says. Then before she knows it, you’re making her laugh, you’ve bonded over deli meat and cheeses, and you’ve made plans to meet up for coffee that weekend.

  1. Look for opportunities to be a gentleman.

I think men forget that women do appreciate a gentleman because women forget they appreciate a gentleman. Even if it seems like girls always go for the bad guys, eventually most women look for the nice guy, the kind guy who helps others and is considerate. A grocery store is a perfect place to put some gentleman-like moves on a lovely lady.

If you see she is having a tough time carrying her bags to her car, offer to help her. Did the handle on her paper bag just break? Hurry, quickly run over and gather all of her items before she dies of embarrassment. She will be so thankful. She can’t reach a box of green tea on the top shelf? Offer to get it for her.

Move your cart when she needs to walk by you. Let her go in front of you in the check-out line. Insist on it when she says, “No, it’s okay. I can wait.” You’ve just won a smile and maybe a phone number.

Be confident, be sexy, but be a gentleman at the grocery store.

Have I convinced you yet in the untapped potential of a grocery store? Think about it like this. When someone asks a woman, “How did you meet your boyfriend?” Do you really think she wants to say, “He bought me tequila shots at the bar”?

Or would she rather say, “I felt horrible after a long day of work, but I had to go grocery shopping. He let me go in front of him in the check-out line and then told me that I looked good in this new red blouse I had on. He was cute, so I let him help me carry my bags to my car. They weren’t even heavy.”

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