2,349 Women Reveal Why Women Test Men

Women are annoying Bitch’s!!!  Am I right?

We ask questions.

We put up road blocks.

We continuously TEST you over and over and over again…. Or so it may seem.

What if you were to look at all of this “bitchy” behavior in a different way.

Did you know, that from a woman’s point of view, testing is actually a form or protection?

We women can’t just pounce on every guy and have had to develop a fast screening process that will quickly eliminate non viable options.

I wanted to get a better understanding as to WHY women test men. So I decided to survey women to find out.

I asked them the following questions:

1. Do you think women purposely test men?

2. Why do women test men?

3. How does a man pass a woman’s tests?

I got 2,349 Women To Reveal Why Women Test Men. Below are some of their responses:

Oksana Said:

1. Do you think women purposely test men?

In many cases it happens unconsciously, because we do not feel confident. I would not consider this as a test. Rather questions so that I can find out more about him.

 2. Why do women test men?

I answered that in Q1. A lot of it is because we don’t feel confident or comfortable yet.

3. How does a man pass a woman’s tests?

Just turn it into joke. Laughing always works. The best probably (I do not know if it works for all) just to exaggerate the statement.

“Do you sleep with all the girls?” – “Sure! And with their moms and grandmoms as well!”

Billie Said:

1. Do you think women purposely test men?

I think all women test men at some level, and they SHOULD. But, it’s not meant to be trick questions. Women are doing it to see if what they say  lines up with what they actually do, either by calculation or interpretation of circumstance. There are so many men who never do, they just say.  Testing can be a short cut so women don’t have to put themselves through the experience of being disappointed.

2. Why do women test men?

Because they don’t want to be hurt; waste their time on the wrong guy; and, some women do play with guys.  I would say that they are a small percentage.

3. How does a man pass a woman’s tests?

For me, they need to do what they say they are going to do, have integrity, have values closely aligned with mine, and have the same relationship goals as mine.

I always watch to see if the guy will “DO” what he says he will do. If he says he will call Thursday, he better call Thursday. If he asks me out to dinner, don’t show up at my house with a six-pack and plop on my sofa while picking up my remote and popping one open (yes, this happened to me.) If he asks me to go away for a weekend and I say yes, I better start seeing those plans materialize. There are understandable circumstances that could prevent a guy from following through, but generally, a MAN should care and ensure that his word is his contract. Players make idol promises. If a man can’t fulfill his promise for some legitimate reason, he needs to explain and that should not occur frequently.

Sorry for the venting but I’ve been pretty burned in the past which is why I now ask a lot of questions.

Nora Said:

Women don’t test men. Men give off this vibe that women pick up on immediately. It is in the man’s mannerisms. The way they approach a woman the things they say. They send clear signals.

The woman is the one being tested to see how she will respond. If you don’t want to be”tested” be honest in your approach.

Anne Said:

1. Do you think women purposely test men?

No. What men perceive as tests are women trying desperately to get their man to communicate with them and give some feedback about how they feel about their woman.

Men think that because they are in a woman’s presence that’s all they have to do.  Show up…I’m here, what else do you want me to do?

Women are detail-oriented and therefore need feedback on how the relationship is going.

The biggest way to do that is to ask questions that will force him to think.  If I say, “I’m too old for you.”  I’m looking to find out what your perception of me is since you aren’t volunteering ANYTHING like that I’m pretty, you’re so happy to be with me, age is just a number to you, anything that would help me feel more confident in your decision to choose to be with me.

If I wanted a roommate I’d be content with a man just being in my presence, but because I want a COMPANION with back and forth interaction, I’m going to force that interaction through any communication I can get out of him.

I’m not going to just ask a straightforward question like, “Do you think I am too old for you?” because that’s a bomb waiting to explode depending on the answer given so I won’t do that to a guy and most likely he will not want to answer that question either.

Men are funny creatures…they like to know straight up what you want but if you take that approach most times they run for the hills.

As women, it seems we have to be incredibly in tune with our man’s mood and be able to communicate with him based on that mood.  Oddly enough, when women display this they are considered moody and hard to deal with.  Go figure…

Diana Said:

1. Do you think women purposely test men?


2. Why do women test men?

It’s due largely to the women’s insecurities.

3. How does a man pass a woman’s tests?

I only have one test and that’s regular contact. All a man has to do is see me or talk to me via telephone at least once a week and he’s passed.


Lynn Said:

1. Do you think women purposely test men?


2. Why do women test men?

Some do it just because they can but most do it – usually from insecurity/negative past experience.

3. How does a man pass a woman’s tests?

For me it’s about the guy understanding and sticking around just for a bit while I learn he’s for real. Men test women too.

Lisa Said:

Yes I definitely think that some woman, not all, test men. It’s all about trying to get reassurance about how they feel about them. Testing the water. The answers to all of the those testing questions are basically the same…..they are looking for him to stand up and say “you’re the one I want”.

Make them feel secure and wanted, then they will stop “testing”.

Most of the responses I received were very similar to what I’ve shared above.

Now the real question is…

What do you do with this information?

You stop being angry and start working with women.  If you already know WHY we are doing this, then it’s easy for you to pass these “tests” and win every time.

It’s pretty nice to have a cheat sheet right??

Do this from now on…

Take these tests as a sign she’s curious about you and wants you.  So whether she asks a question or ignores you or picks a fight with you… What she’s really doing is finding out if you are a solid man she can be with.

A little trick you can use the next time you come up against a female “test” is to simply remain calm.

The secret to passing EVERY woman’s “tests” is to not be affected by whatever “test” she throws your way.  The ability to remain emotionally un-rattled by what we women say, is SUPER SEXY.

Now that you know how to pass her “tests” with flying colors, you need to know what to do next.  I highly recommend checking out How To Become A Man Women Want. In section 3 it has an MP3 recording of me giving step by step instructions on how to escalate attraction once you have passed all her tests.

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