3 Myths About Porn You Need To Know Before Having Sex

WARNING: This post includes sexually explicit content that may make you uncomfortable.

This post is for all the people out there who believe Porn is the be all and end all when it comes to sexual instruction.  When in fact, the truth is that most of the stuff you see in Porn you would NEVER want to use in your sex life.

A few months back, I had sent out an email that I would be interviewing a woman named Ryan Keely, one of the foremost sexperts in the WORLD. Ryan has worked for years as  a Penthouse Pet, a former host for Playboy Radio and Porn Star. She is now teaching men and women about the world of Sexual Pleasure.

My interview with Ryan was unbelievably informative, because during our 45 minutes together, she revealed to me the many myths about porn that are ruining men’s sex lives. For example, positions constantly performed in porn, can physically damage men and women permanently. In fact, many of the shots are simply done to provide the director with the best possible shot and should never be replicated.

Watch the video below to see 3 moves that should NEVER be performed on a woman.

So now that know some mistakes men are making with women and sex, you probably want to know what you SHOULD be doing?

How To Please A Woman Sexually

In her newest program, Ryan teaches men and women how to have unbelievable, mind blowing sex like real people, not Porn Stars. Even though the program is called Porn Star Sex Life, the name is just for marketing purposes.

I was able to get a sneak preview of the program a few months back (before I knew Ryan) and I was totally shocked. I obviously was expecting dirty Porn with little information. I was judgmental, I’ll admit it. But what I got, was an entertaining way of being educated on sex and sensuality.

In fact, I even showed it to a few of my girlfriends, my sister in law and my husband and they all had the same reaction. They were glued to the screen and each of them walked away with two new techniques they were eager to try 🙂

I definitely suggest you check out Ryan’s new program. Buy it, try it and if you don’t find value, return it. They have a money back guarantee!

Click Here to watch more Ryan and get a Sex Life 99% of the men in the world wish they had.


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