3 Steps to Approaching A Group of Girls

I was at a restaurant type of lounge last night with a few of my girlfriends having dinner…

And as usual I couldn’t help but watch some of the interactions going on between the men and women.

There was this one group of maybe 5 very attractive girls that every group of guys had their eyes on.  I would watch the whole night as different guys attempted to break into the circle.

One guy would walk up, talk to ONE girl for a little bit…

And like clockwork the girls would all come back together to shove this ONE GUY out of the circle.


Approaching a group of women isn’t easy…

I mean just ONE can be intimidating enough… but imagine having to charm the pants off of 5!

And women in packs are VICIOUS when it comes to anybody trying to break into their circle.

That’s why I wanna tell you the 3-step approach to approaching groups of women with ease.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you look like or even what you say… all that matters is how you make us FEEL… and if you can make EVERY girl feel good about letting you into their circle of friends…

You can have your pick of any woman you want.

So here are the 3 ways to getting your girl if she’s in a group:

1. Approach the group of girls by first getting everyone’s attention

Approaching just ONE of them is gonna send the other girls into defensive, protective mode. Going in to just talk to one girl sends the message that the other ones aren’t important… because you’re after ONE THING.

So break the bitch shield by entering with a playful joke about the GROUP to get everyone warmed up to you.  A good way to open the group is saying something cute and funny like, “Are you guys talking about me?”

2. Talk to everyone

This goes back to making ALL the girls feel comfortable about you. Once you’re able to convince them as a whole that you’re a super awesome guy who means no harm, they’ll invite you in and treat you as one of their own… which will make going for ONE of them even easier.

It also helps you gain their support when you do eventually go for your girl without getting cock-blocked in the end.

3. Break off into a “mini-conversation” with the one you want –

Now that you’ve become a part of their inner circle, you can start to isolate the one you want. If you DIDN’T get the approval of the other girls, this is the moment where they start to interrupt your conversations, pull your girl away, or allow other guys to come in and dominate.  And now that you’ve got everyone’s blessing, it’s time (and OK) to let your girl know that your attention is now on HER and her ONLY.

Getting rapport with the whole group is gonna go a long way because otherwise you’ll get voted OUT fast.

And women can sense who should and SHOULDN’T be allowed in.

The faster you can show them you mean no harm… and the faster you can show them how great of an addition you would be to the team… the faster you’ll get to the ONE in the group that you want.

Which means no more having to wait until she breaks from the herd, no more being phased out when her friends butt in to talk…

And no more being cock-blocked when you were THIS CLOSE to having her!

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A girl’s first line of defense is her friends… and if you can get her friends warmly welcoming you into their circle… you’ll ultimately win the heart of any woman you want.

So make sure you make it about the GROUP the next time you approach… and you’ll see how much better it is for EVERYONE when all the girls love you.

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