Ask Women Podcast Episode 111: Misconceptions Women Have About Men That Are Ruining Your Dating Life

I’ve heard this statement time and time again:

“Women have it sooooo much easier. They just have to walk into a room and pick the guy they want.”

But is that really true?? Is it REALLY easier for women to date and have sex than it is for men?

Listen to this week’s episode of Ask Women to find out

We had the always awesome, dating coach to women – the “other Marni”, Marni Batista on the show. To share with us the struggles, frustrations, and confusions, that women have about men and dating that you may be shocked by.

We also had this guy Graham on the show, who seemed to like us until we hit a sensitive button for him with women and gold digging.

But even so, this guy and dating coach to women, delivered a pretty awesome show that ended in a BIG debate that I would love to hear your thoughts on.

Please take a listen and let me know your opinion.

The topics we covered on this show were:

1. Does money really matter to women? And how does it matter?

2. Is dating, sex, etc… easier for women?

3. Top things women don’t understand about men.

4. How to date younger women.

5. How to be a leader with women.

6. How to avoid being seen as a pushover, wuss with women

7. Misconceptions women have about men that may be ruining your dating life

And much more!!

I hope you enjoy it!

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