Why The Assumptive Close Works With Women

If we’ve known each other for a while, you may be surprised to hear this BUT…

…I’ve been having a long-time love affair.

Before you get your boxers in a twist, just hold on a sec.

It’s not what you might think…

I’m madly, deeply in love with Paris.

Not because it’s the so-called, “most romantic city in the world”.

(and it is romantic…check out this pic I snapped of Paris’ Lover’s Wall where I Love You is written in 250 different languages)

The reason I’m mesmerized by Paris is simple:

Parisian men think differently

Here’s why BELOW-average Parisian men effortlessly attract and get hotter girls than ABOVE-average Americans…

It all boils down to what NLP psychologists call:

The Assumptive Close

Let me explain…

You’re at the bar talking to a hot girl.

There’s some light body contact. But not enough to know for sure that she’s into you.

Here’s the question YOU ask:

“Will you please come to my place?”

…“or could you at least give me your number?”

Here’s the question Parisian men ask:

“Are you coming to my place right now?”

…“Or should we leave when this song is over?”

Parisian men ASSUME they already sealed the deal after Bonjour.

And if you think the “assumptive close” only works on Parisian girls, you’re DEAD wrong.

Here’s why:

Within the first few minutes, we know if we will gladly submit to your power. Or wrap you around our pinky finger and laugh about you behind your back.

If you don’t understand that those first few minutes are a power struggle, you’ve already lost.

And I want you to WIN. (Learn EXACTLY How Here)

Whether the girl you want is from Paris, L.A., Tokyo or Medellin, we ALL want a man who will take control.

In fact…

In the renowned book, The Evolution of Desire, David Buss reveals the SHOCKING results of his study on female attraction and desire in cultures around the globe.

From big cities to remote tribes, he found that women were attracted to the SAME qualities in men no matter where they are from (with just a few minor variations).

So if you want to start landing untouchably hot girls like a Parisian dude…

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The Last Female Friend You’ll Ever Need,


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