Best Place To Meet Women & Why Tinder Sucks

I had a really interesting experience the other day where I got to see a first encounter that built into deep attraction in just a few hours.

Here’s what happened…

I typically don’t take time off for holidays…Not because I am a workaholic…But simply because I’m not even aware there is a holiday…  Anyone that runs their own company can understand and attest to this.

My friend Matt was in town from Austin and staying with us.  He’s a chatter box, so it’s easy to get distracted and get into deep and interesting conversations.

So once I got the big chunk of my “need to get done” work out of the way, I got into a few of these conversations with Matt and dove into holiday mode.

About an hour into the conversation my awesome and beautiful friend Kelsey came over.

I instantly thought to myself “they are going to like each other”.  AND I was right!

8 HOURS LATER Kelsey was still over and hanging out with us.  Kelsey never hangs out with me for 8 hours, ha.

The point of this email isn’t to tell you about these 2 people that connected… even though they totally did… the point it to tell you something very interesting that I realized.

Now I know that Kelsey has been using online apps like tinder and hinge to meet people, with little success over the past year.

I know for a FACT that if Kelsey saw Matt on one of these apps, she would almost certainly have swiped left. Left is a NO just in case you don’t use these apps.

She would have never found him attractive. Nor would she have gone on a date with him.

Why?  Because he doesn’t look like a guy that I know she expects to be with. In her mind he’s not her type but in reality he was.

I don’t know if yesterday was the start of an amazing relationship but it was a sign that what we THINK we want may not actually be whats good for us…. And online dishes out a ton of “what we think we want” options, instead of what may be good for us.

Not saying online or apps suck and you should not use them.

I’m simply saying that in person introductions and meetings are still the #1 way to meet others that will ultimately be good matches for you.

My advice….

Do both!  Online should never be the only way that you meet others.  I know our worlds busy and online just seems easier.   But there is something to be said for real life, in person interactions.

There is always time to lift your head and see what’s around you 😉

Just some food for thought!

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