Ep. 208 How To Make A Good First Impression On Women

Heads up, this episode was recorded out of studio in Marni’s kitchen so the quality may not be 100% great but the content is awesome.
This week we dive into what you can do to make a great first impression with a woman. There are certain types of dates you can plan and things you can do on the date that will showcase you in a certain light and make her see you as a strong, attractive option.

On this show we also discuss:

1. If it’s possible to redeem yourself after a bad first impression
2. Great date ideas even if you have no money
3. Mistakes men make that give a bad impression with women
4. Easy things you can do to increase your confidence with women
5. What is means when a woman says she has a boyfriend
6. How to call out a woman when she tests you

And much more!

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