Episode 120: Avoiding The Friend Zone and Becoming A Sexual Man

OMG episode 120!!!! That’s just nuts.  I can’t believe we have been doing the Ask Women Podcast for 120 episodes.

Before I tell you about what you’ll be getting from this week’s download… I wanted to take a second to:

First: Thank you. Without you, Kristen and I would not get to do something we love each week.

Second: Ask you what YOU want to hear us talk about.  I’m fresh out of ideas and would love to hear what topics you’d like us to cover for the next 120 episodes.

Just hit reply to this email (once you’re done downloading this weeks podcast) and tell me what YOU would like to hear on The Ask Women Podcast.

Ask-Women-Podcast-Logo-v03new2015blueNow onto this weeks podcast.

On this week’s podcast, we have 2 people who are really good at getting between the sheets! You’ll understand more once you listen.

Josh Macuga & Lora Somoza join us in studio to discuss

1. Conversation tips, tricks and tools
2. How to get out of the friend zone
3. The BEST way to bring up the STD talk and be sexually safe
4. Rules for sex on the first date – should you do it?
5. Bad women and how to spot them
6. How to be a sexual man
Plus much more!!!I had so much fun with these guys on the show. I will definitely have them back.

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