Episode 31: Science of Attraction – What Women REALLY Want

So it finally happened!!! I got David Buss, the author of my new favorite book “The Evolution of Desire” to be a guest on our show.

You know that book that I keep promising to do a whole episode on? Well after 3 times of promising this I realized who better to explain the evolutionary and biological reasoning behind attraction in long term and short term relationships than the man behind this revolutionary grand study.

So I contacted David and literally within hours he wrote me back saying he would LOVE to be on the show.

Go listen to this weeks podcast with David Buss here:


I have to be honest with you.  This was by far the most informational podcast we have done to date and one that I highly enjoy.  I did not want our time to end because I was learning so much from David.

We discussed:

  1. His grand study that he did to discover the biological and evolutionary explanations behind attraction for men and women in both long and short term relationships. This study was done on over 10,000 people from 37 different cultures around the world and the results are fascinating.
  2. What women want when it comes to attraction for both long and short term
  3. What men want in both long and short term
  4. Why women and men cheat and how to stop it from happening to you
  5. Why women are moody and how to curb a woman’s moodiness
  6. The top characteristics women look for in potential mates and dates
  7. How to have show women you have these attributes so that you don’t end up in the friend zone

And so much more…

As I said I could have talked to him for HOURS!!!!  In fact, everyone that was in the studio that day pretty much sat in silence just listening to him.  We even ran 10 minutes longer than usual just because it was so informative and fascinating.

I highly suggest listening to this weeks podcast and sharing it with at least 5 friends cause it’s that damn good.

Go listen here:




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