Example of How To Flirt With Women Even If You Are Shy, Not A 10 and Short

I finally found it!!!!! Well, one of my clients did. If you recall, a few months ago I emailed you about this great scene in Woody Allen’s New Movie Cafe Society, that was an awesome example of how to flirt with women.

At the time, I could not find it online but desperately wanted you to see it. Yesterday, I got an email from one my clients saying he found it and he quickly sent it over to me for me to share with you.

The reason I love this clip is because the male character isn’t your typical “movie hero, stud” and he pulls off flirting with BLAKE LIVELY masterfully.

He doesn’t do it super smoothly. He isn’t suave. He isn’t overly attractive…

What he is though, is comfortable in asking for what he wants and even more comfortable with her not being open to his obvious attempts to flirt with her. Every time she kindly rejects his advances, he comes back even stronger and he does it with a smile on his face.

Check out this scene from Cafe Society and then read my comments below the video.


This attitude held by Mr. Flirt, is the perfect example of assertiveness and persistence.  It’s also a great example of flirting done right.  What I see when I watch this clip is a fun, playful verbal volley ball game.

Mr. Flirt serves by opening up conversation with Blake’s character.  Blake’s character slams that serve back into Mr. Flirts zone and instead of dropping it, defeated by her strength, he smiles and hits that ball right back with oomph.

And so the volley continues. It’s fun, builds excitement for both the players and the spectators.  It’s a damn good game to watch and awesome to be a part of.

This IS flirting. The fun volley back and forth that builds attraction, intrigue and curiosity.  It’s a game that anyone can play with a little practice, confidence and the ability to be unshakable by a an attractive, female player.

I really wanted you to see this example because it’s rare to see someone like Mr. Flirt in the media/movie’s pulling off flirting so well. We typically see an attractive, suave lead character who’s meant to be a dork, flirting with a girl.  These clips are annoying because in our minds we think “of course this guy can pull it off. Look at him.”

But this clip is different and it’s not the magic of Hollywood that makes me, a female spectator, attracted to Mr. Flirt. When watching this clip, I could feel Blake’s attraction and excitement.  I was literally at the edge of my seat because I could imagine this happening to me and how I would feel in that moment.

I’ve had guys like Mr. Flirt, flirt with me like this and it’s exciting.  What I was liked and was attracted to was that Mr. Flirt allowed the rejection to fly past him and didn’t give up! He was not phased or rattled by her responses and was was totally charming. Being like this with women opens the door to possibilities and options.

I’m so glad that my client kept searching for this clip because I think it’s a solid example of how to flirt with women and something that you can easily replicate as long as you don’t let HER response, crush you.  Volley back with her and I promise you will get the response you are looking for.

FYI – I’m putting the final touches on my product for how to flirt with women called The F Formula.  I promise, I will be releasing it soon 🙂  Stay tuned!

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  • Blackie Nuff

    “Do you like jazz?”
    “At 2 in the morning?”
    “At anytime in the morning!”
    “I’m usually in pajamas by 2.”
    “I love pajamas! What side of the bed do you like?”

    Haha, cheeky bahstid! 😛

  • Joel

    I like that clip. I’m good at Flirting too but that was good. Hi Marni!! Can’t wait to see what your F Formula is like. I sure am curious and Intrigued.

  • lnnn

    He wasn’t tall maybe, but he wasn’t exactly awful looking either. And I believe they said he was the owner of the club. That’s a little more behind it than the average Joe.

  • Donovan

    It feels great to be that guy too. It seems to happen when I’m really really attracted to a women and there’s a feeling of rightness to it also..an intuitive sensing of compatibility maybe. I don’t know if I would sustain confidence if I was just physically attracted and nothing else. But when you’re *inspired*…flirting is a magical joy, and one little rebuttal (“I’m in pajamas”) is nothing!

  • hadi

    I really like this video, more like this; a great way to learn by examples 😛

  • Crazy 8s

    Hey Marni,
    I’ve realized much of what you talk about is real because of past experiences. My burning question is, How to stay in a woman’s good graces. I’ve had 3 ‘successful’ relationships and many that haven’t worked out so well. The 3 I’ve had success with were great people just that 1 wasn’t for me, another broke up with me because her family was moving, and 1 was completely my fault. The rest of my existences I’ve had have been horrible all though each one started out great. So many women have cheated on me in the past that I’ve lost a huge amount of confidence over it. Is it them or me…both? Please help me understand what’s happened that so many have turned away all in the same manner.

  • Hawley Griffin

    Obviously, I’m coming from the wrong place. As I watched this I was literally cringing at how annoying this guy was being. Expecting, from my own experience, that the guy was about to eye-rolled and shamed at any time. But of course the movie script is written so the guy wins instead of loses. I can’t imagine doing this.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    makes me wonder how specifically, how do guys learn how to flirt and tease in their formative years, teen years, is it supposed to come natural, instinctive, innate? and learning it later in life makes it harder than previously right?