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So I’m about to tell you something really revealing about me.


I used to be a crazy woman.  Seriously. I wasn’t always as level headed and as awesome as I am now 😉

When I was younger I always thought I was a sane, even-keeled person UNTIL I had my first heartbreak which totally destroyed me.  I had never had to deal with these emotions before.

The emotion of not being wanted back…

The emotions of being broken up with...

The emotions of not having full control of a situation…

The emotions of someone else having full control… (these were the worse emotions)

And it freakin’ sucked.  For a whole year I felt like a crazy person living in my head, beating myself up and continuously playing stupid games with myself thinking that I was going to get this person back, or win them over and make them want me.

This is also the year that I had my stroke. Which tells you just how crazy I was and what I was doing to myself.

To say the least, it was the worst year of my life that happened to be a blessing in disguise.

From this year, I learned so much about myself.  I learned what it felt like to be out of control and I learned that even a sane, even-keeled person can have their off moments and become crazy if they let themselves.

Trust me, I would NOT want to go through that again.

But I’m happy I did.  I’m happy because without it I would never be able to do my job as your Wing Girl properly.

I know what it’s like to get stuck in my head and let my emotions overpower me. I also know what it’s like to get OUT of my head and learn how to calm my emotions so I don’t go to crazy, negative places.

The reason I’m telling you this story about me is because I want you to know that I get it.

I get how it feels when you let your emotions get out of control because of someone else’s actions.

For example, when a girl flakes on you and you just don’t get why.

Or when you have a great first date and totally feel something is there and then the next day she texts and says “Sorry. I just didn’t feel that spark” and you’re like “What did I do wrong?!”.

Or when you’re in a relationship and one day your girlfriend says, “I’m not feeling this anymore and I think we should break up“.

These are all situations that we cannot control because they are based on someone else’s choices.

And NOT being in control feels horrible.

So what can you do about it?

How can you recover from this type of blow to the ego??

How can you get over an ex?

Whether their your ex of 10 years, 1 year or 1 night it still stings and I know how you can get over it.

My friend Daniel Dennick is known as the leading expert on men’s relationship break ups. Dan’s advice is not some feel good fluff.

He gives street-smart, proven in reality advice.  Not some “feel good” theory.

And I’ve done an interview with him below that you can listen to, or download and listen to later. I also have other resources from Dan that you can learn about.

Again, Dan’s advice is not on how to get a girl back. It’s about how to make sure that each heartbreak or break up does NOT destroy you the way it may have in the past.

I don’t want you getting a stroke like I did.  And just know that my year of craziness was from breaking up with a guy that I had only dated for 2 MONTHS!!!

Crazy I know!!

So listen to the MP3 below (you can also download it if you wish) about how to get over an ex. The tips and advice are solid gold and something I wish I knew back when I was going through my first heartbreak.

FREE MP3 Tells You:

1. The 1st thing to do that will help you get over her.

2. How it’s not your fault you can’t get over her. It’s actually your brain chemistry to blame.

3. How to get over her.

4. The #1 reason why you can’t get over her.

and so much more…

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Dan has also made you an awesome video that teaches you:

1. The biggest mistakes guys make after a breakup…

2. What to do if you’re painfully hung up on her and she’s still not coming back.

3. How to skip the months of “heartbreak” after a breakup and “replace” your ex-girlfriend as fast as possible.

All his tools work even if the girl who hurt you was NOT your girlfriend. Go watch the video by clicking here

Click here to learn how to recover from breakups quickly and finally get over an ex, or that girl who shouldn’t mean that much to you but does!


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