What To Do To Get Her Back – This Worked On Me

Lost her and desperately want to get her back? 

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what to do to get her back, but I first wanted to share a story with you about my last break up…

I was dating this guy for a few months.  He was great and things were going perfectly…

And then things started popping up that didn’t feel right to me.  Things that tapped on my red flag radar.

Things like jealousy and his temper.

Things that I know can be worked on but at that point in time were not yet resolved.

He and I would talk about these things when they came up, but things did not seem to change… and so I broke up with him.

For a couple of weeks, we would talk and try to work things out but in my heart of hearts I knew I could not take him back, BECAUSE there had not been enough time for things to change.

How can a bad temper and jealousy disappear in 3 days??  It can’t and therefore I was not going to take him back even though I really liked him.

But then this guy did something interesting… Something that I had never had a guy do with me before.

He told me he was going to take some time to work on these issues.  To really learn how to calm his jealousy and control his anger… Being the skeptic that I am, I doubted him at first but then saw that he was serious about this and it made me happy. It made me feel special and my respect for him was regained.And then 3 months later he came back to me, post all his work, and told me about what he had learned…and we got back together!

If you are currently looking to get back with a girl that you have lost, then ask yourself this…

Other than just wanting her back have things changed??

Meaning would this second round of being with her be different?

In order for a woman to “take you back,” you have to show that “this time” it will be different because XYZ…

So what is different?

What have you learned from your time apart?

What did you work on?

The sooner you know these answers…

The sooner you have a chance of getting back together.

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