How To Give A Great First Kiss – The Female Perspective

Want to know how to give a great first kiss?  Then you’ve come to the right place because back in the day, they used to call me the kissing bandit 😉

Kissing bandit =’s the girl who kissed a ton but would disappear when things got more heated.

My former title qualifies me to be an expert on what makes a great first kiss and what doesn’t.  And for women, that first kiss is EVERYTHING!!!! Well maybe not everything. But I assure you that first kiss carries some heavy weight.

If that magical moment that we’ve been waiting for is sub par, it’s a sign to us that we are not a match and things aren’t going to work out.

Which is why I’ve made you a video with a real life example of how to give a great first kiss.  The video shows you step by step what to do and how to give a great first kiss!

I promise you that if you make all your first kisses just like this one, women will have no choice but to keep coming back for more 😉

Want more tips on how to get physical with women?? 

Then go here to check out this interview I did with Sexpert, Wing Girl and Suicide Girls firey redhead Darrah de Jour where we discuss Sex, Sensuality and how to take action and get physical with a woman!  No more friend zone for you after you listen to this.

Click here to listen to the interview now!

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