How To Become A Man Women Want

You want to know what women want? I will tell you.

Women want a man.

A MAN, by female definition is a male that is self assured, calm, cool, collected, comfortable and direct. A MAN goes after what he wants and does not apologize for it. A MAN is not a jerk, or aggressive. A MAN is kind but will not allow others to walk all over him.

Every male has the power inside him to be a MAN. The MAN that women want! It’s just hard to find him sometimes because of that thing above your shoulders šŸ˜‰

man women want, what women want, how to attract womenI’m talking about the brain, the mind, thoughts. These things are what stop you from getting what you want because you let them overpower your natural, biological makeup.

So stop letting that thing on the top of your head stop you from fulfilling your role as a male.

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