How To Flirt and Banter With Women

Special treat for you this afternoon…

A free Ebook on How to Flirt and Banter with Women. It’s called Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheets by my good friend Bobby Rio.

Click the book image to download:

Over the years, I have done my fare share of flirting with men 😉  so I know what works and what doesn’t work. I have also read tons of materials, written for men, on how to flirt and banter with women, but this Ebook is by far the best one I have ever seen.

It’s concise (only 17 pages), provides tons of real life examples that are not corny and is easy to understand.

I definitely suggest you download and read it right now.  Just click the book image to get it.

I have actually been giving away this free Ebook to my personal coaching clients but realized, you may need it as well.

The free Ebook contains 4 Teasing and Banter Cheats Sheets for every situation you may encounter.

Cheat Sheet #1 – Early lines to set the tone of interaction

Cheat Sheet #2 – Lines that suggest She’s Interested In You Or Hitting On You

Cheat Sheet #3 – She says something kind of dumb or she’s rambling

Cheat Sheet #4 – She’s acting bored, tired, cranky or up tight

As you know I’m not a fan of lines, at least borrowed lines that are not your own.


Everybody has to start somewhere and this book gives you an excellent base to start from.  Treat the “lines” as materials you can use to  test, practice and see what works for you.

The cheat sheets are awesome guidelines that will really help you get in the groove of free flowing banter with women.

Download your free copy now! Just click the book image above to download instantly.

Let me know your thoughts on the book by posting your comments, questions and your own teasing and banter lines.

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  1. Jim gilblin // May 3, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Want back with my ex-GirlFirend but there this new girl that is in law class she nice and funny made Joke class made laufe loved joke too was , good too don’t know what I should do , ask and Her name is Kirsten I miss her s right thing too do if I buy her a bottle of wine or
    Flowers . A dad Idea yes or no dating Eaxpert

    • Marni Wing Girl // May 9, 2012 at 1:06 am

      Hey Jim

      I think wine or flowers would feela little intense: start with saying hi and introducing yourself, see if you can strike up a good conversation first before you ask her out

      Good luck

      Marni 🙂