How To Get A Girlfriend – Step by Step Instructions (MP3)

Not sure if you remember my friend Christian Hudson, but we have done several interviews together on connection and being fearless with women. Well, he and I did another interview on his new favorite topic How to meet a girl and make her want to be your girlfriend.

As always with Christian, we had a great conversation filled with tons of actionable information that you can start using right now to attract women and make them want to be with you.

In this call we discuss:

– The 4 phases of attraction and how to successfully handle each phase so she stays interested in you

– What it means to be a modern alpha male and how to get these traits in a short period of time

– The secret thing you can do that keeps her coming back and always guessing (in a good way)

– How to make women see you as a long term option

And so much more!

Check out the 35 minute, FREE MP3 now by clicking play:


**MP3 on page may not show for everyone. If this is true for you, download the file!

I am so sorry, I had to cut the interview short, because I had a private coaching call BUT check out this video that Christian made that reveals an AMAZING little trick that helps you figure out if a girl will sleep with you on the first date.  As a woman, I know this little trick will definitely work 😉

Click Here to Watch The Video Now

If you want to find out more about Christians program “How To Get A Girlfriend” Click Here Now!


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