How To Handle A Man Eater (Female Tests)

“You couldn’t handle me.”

I bet most of you guys reading this blog will have, at one stage or another, had a girl turn around and throw that one at you.

It’s tough to handle as it’s the woman “testing” your masculinity. Or as I like to think of it, it is the girl you’re speaking to putting herself beyond you, and challenging you to come get her.

You think she must be super confident, and kind of a bitch, right? Well, maybe. But she could also just feel very insecure about letting her vulnerability show. She is also trying to see if you are man enough to overcome this curve ball she’s just thrown at you.

So how do you handle a man eater and pass “female tests”?

Well, I had this exact question on Facebook last week, when a guy wrote to me, after a girl had said this classic line to him:

“You’re too nice, I’d eat you up and spit you out”

Can you see how she’s challenging him here? If he doesn’t respond at all he is of no use to her: if he shows how he’s been insulted by her, he’s a weak guy. It could be lose-lose: but not if you follow these 3 super simple steps:

1. Take a second to pause, instead of leaping into an emotional reaction.

2. Give her a smirk to show that you’re emotionally grounded, and that you think her challenging you is kinda cute.

3. Be extremely confident and daring in return: you’ve got to show her that you can handle whatever she throws at you.

Next I want you to make a call as to whether or not she’s already into you. If you’ve been having lots of banter, and you’ve already formed a really good connection to her, then try something sexy, to take your conversation to the next level:

“Well let’s go into the bathroom for 5 minutes and I’ll show you how nice I am…”

Use that carefully though, as it only works if things are already getting sexy. Most times you’ll want to come across as confident, but maybe not make such a direct come on, so a line like this will work great:

“Well the eating up part sounds nice, but the spitting out is a little gross: you’re a lot feistier than I thought you were when we first met”

What you’ve got to remember is to show her that not only can you handle her, but you’re not emotionally set off balance by her. That is the most important part!

In short: yes you are more than man enough to deal with her.

Remember, a man who understands women will win the attention of any woman he wants. Become that man today!

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