How To Make Her Want To Kiss You (Video)

LOVE this video that I just found on how to make her want to kiss you.  I was searching online for great kissing techniques and stumbled upon this video made by my friend Josh from Tao of Badass.

I totally remember him telling me about this technique he uses called Triangulation that makes girls want to kiss him.  In fact, at the time, I had my then boyfriend try it out on me.  As a woman I have to tell you that this technique WORKS.  I had butterfly’s in my belly and lots of other tingles in my body 😉

Watch this video to see how to make her want to kiss you.

Pretty freaking cool right??  Go try it on at least 5 women and I guarantee most of them will have the same reaction that I had.  TINGLES!!!

If you liked what Josh showed you in this video then I highly recommend checking out the Tao Of Badass.  It’s got the best step-by-step escalation tricks that work for beginner to intermediate guys in dating.

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