How To Meet Women While Traveling Alone


Give me a little advice. I have a hard time meeting women as my job is on the road.  Which means, I’m traveling all the time and living in hotels. My question is about how to meet women while traveling alone?

Jason, 34 Chicago



Traveling for work can be a bitch on your social life. It requires extra effort and possibly some risk taking on  your part. BUT if you are up for it, and I hope you are, I have 5 Steps on How To Meet Women while traveling alone below:

Step 1: Before going to any city, do your research. Choose the best hotel location for going out and being social. You don’t want to be stuck out in the boonies if you plan to be social and meet women while traveling for work.

TIP: Most cities have websites set up to tell you what’s going on socially for restaurants, hotels, nightlife etc..  Find one of these sites and select 3 things you would want to do while in that city.

Step 2: Go to the lobby or hotel bar and scout for others flying solo, male or female, doesn’t matter. You are just looking for a partner to go out with at this point. Tell them you guys are going to go out for a fun night and give them 1 or all of the options you had selected. Trust me, if a person is at a hotel by themselves, 8 out of 10 times they will be up for some sort of interaction and social outing.

Step 3: Go to the social location.

Note: If you aren’t into clubs, DON”T GO TO CLUBS. But if you are go. I usually suggest a local bar. They are typically busy and filled with people who are up for new experiences.

Step 4: Start interacting with others. If you have a hard time doing this you can introduce some sort of game between you and your new friend. For example: Guess her name. It’s a game where you both guess which half of the alphabet the first letter of her name falls into. If you are right, you get a beer and vice versa. This game is meant to get you in a fun mood and gives you a reason to approach. When you approach with a “reason” you will appear more confident and more attractive to women. Plus it makes the approach a hell of a lot easier.

Step 5: Start pulling others into your game. You are up for a fun night so make it memorable.  Be a leader and gain the attraction of others in the bar.

If you follow these 5 steps on how to meet women while traveling alone, I guarantee you business trips will no longer feel so depressing and lonely.

Whether or not you meet a woman, you will enjoy your night. Win, win in my eyes.


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