When To Kiss A Girl & How To Do It

You’re out with a girl on a date. You’re laughing, flirting, connecting, enjoying each other and then you think to yourself “I really want to kiss her but I don’t know if she wants me to kiss her”.

So what do you do?  How do you know IF and when to go for it?

If you think you’ve seen signs she’s interested, but not sure if she wants to kiss you, you do this.

You look her in the eyes and say to her “I’m going to kiss you.”

And then if she signals that she’s in by not running for the hills or finding some way to get away from you, then go for it!!!!

Simple and easy 🙂

Want to know HOW to make that kiss so memorable, she’ll constantly be thinking about kissing you again?  Watch this video on HOW to kiss that includes a real life example. Press play to watch the video.

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