Lessons on How To Be A Bad Boy

If there’s one thing every guy knows, it’s that women love a bad boy.

Nothing shocking about that statement, right?

What is shocking however, are the wildly different ideas men and women have about what a bad boy actually is.

A lot of men have the crazy idea that being a bad boy means being abusive to us. That it involves treating us like crap and making our lives miserable.

Because of this misconception a lot of guys have no desire at all to embrace their inner bad boy.

But let me be clear about this: being a bad boy DOES NOT mean being an abusive a-hole.

If it did, that’d mean all of us women love to be physically or emotionally abused by men who treat us like dirt. And I can promise you that is absolutely not the case, and hopefully you already realize that.

So what does being a bad boy entail?

Well I’ve created a short video for you on what a bad boy is and why they’re so damn sexy, from a female perspective.

Watch it now below:

I wanted to expand on what’s covered in the video and give you some practical examples of how you can tap into your bad boy side.

Stand Your Ground

If there’s one thing we don’t want in a man, it’s for him to be a doormat. A weak guy who lets people walk all over him and is afraid to stand up for his own beliefs isn’t attractive.

A bad boy on the other hand, has no problems sticking up for himself and what he believes in, even if it means disagreeing with us. And we love them for it.


Because they’re being real.

They’re being honest.

We despise fake guys who lie and say whatever they think we want to hear in an attempt to impress us.  Even if they are doing it to be “nice”.

When a bad boy says something we don’t like, at least we respect him for having the balls to say it.

This means when we mention that The Notebook is the best movie of all time, you shouldn’t reply, “Me too. Wow, we have so much in common.”

Instead you could say something like, “I can already tell we won’t be agreeing on what to watch for our first movie night. The only solution: we’ll have to wrestle for it. And not to brag, but I think I can take you.”

Say that with a cheeky smile and a mischievous glint in your eye and you’ll definitely have our attention.

Be spontaneous

Perhaps the biggest difference between a bad boy and a nice guy is in how predictable they are.

Every woman has been in at least one relationship where the guy’s idea of being spontaneous involves a trip to Burger King instead of McDonald’s.

And when it comes to sex, they show the same amount of predictability. Missionary position with the lights off three times a week at 10pm before going to sleep.


Is it any wonder girls are crying out for a sexy bad boy who can save them from this monotonous nightmare?!

We want a man we can share new experiences with. A man who makes us wonder exactly what he has in store for us next. A man who has us tingling with anticipation every time we close our eyes and think of him.

Mister Predictable ain’t that guy.

Channel your sexy bad boy by mixing things up.

If you’re in a relationship where Friday night is date night, text her on Tuesday and tell her you’ve got a surprise for that night. Find something going on in your city you’ve never tried before and take her to that.

If you’re in a boring bedroom routine, you don’t need a Christian Grey-style dungeon to heat things up.

To start with you can simply put the other rooms of the house to good use. But don’t be afraid to push the envelope and try getting it on in public places where there’s a risk of being caught.

The adrenaline rush makes this some of the best sex the both of you will ever experience, and definitely stamps you in our mind as the bad boy we can’t get enough of.

Be passionate about something

We want to have a place in your life, not be the only focus of it. A nice guy will often make us the sole center of his universe. A bad boy is exciting in part because he has something else in life he’s truly passionate about.

That passion is sexy to us, and also somewhat of a challenge. Deep down we want to see if we can get him to show the same sort of passion towards us.

Take a look at rock stars for example. There’s a reason they have groupies lining up to sleep with them and often date the most desirable women in the world.

The passion they have for music and performing is a huge turn on.

And it’s not just famous musicians who reap these benefits. There’s tons of garage bands around the world filled with sexy bad boys that women are fighting each other for.

Even though these guys may be broke and have no material wealth, their passion for what they do makes them sexier than most wealthy men who spend their life doing something they hate.

So whatever that one thing is you’re most passionate about in life, embrace it. Communicate it to women and even if we don’t share that interest, we’ll love you for feeling so strongly about it.

Put these tips and what you learned in the video into action and you won’t need to be a bondage-loving billionaire to be our bad boy fantasy come to life.

This is just one of the ways you can make a woman crazy for you. Want the lowdown on the others? Then click below where you’ll discover my comprehensive program on How To Become A Man Women Want.

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