Maintaining Conversations With Women

Maintaining Conversations With Women may seem like a daunting task right now, but it doesn’t have to be.

It can actually be quite an easy thing to do but you first you must do some work.

I get questions like: 1. What do I say? 2. What do women like to talk about? 3. What will make a woman want to talk to me longer?

The answers I give to the above questions are: 1. Say anything but be confident in what you are saying. 2. Women like to talk about themselves and the more you can show that you GET a woman the more responsive she will be. Try to guide the conversation, not dominate it. 3. Women will want to talk to you longer if they like your energy. A nervous train wreck does not have attractive energy. Be confident, practice at home and excuse yourself if you are no longer interested in the conversation.



I bet you didn’t know that.

Listen to the audio below where I Provide 1 Tactic  you can use to better your conversation skills so you will have no trouble maintaining conversations with women in the future!


5 Tips For Maintaining Conversations With Women

1. Ask questions and LISTEN – Women enjoy talking about themselves and they enjoying revealing information.

2. Do not reveal too much right away.  Women Reveal, Men Conceal. There is no need to reveal to much about yourself right away.  If you want to become friends with a woman, reveal. If you want to create attraction with a woman Guide The Conversation Don’t Dominate It.

3. Sign up for improvisation classes.  These classes will make you take risks, confront fears but most importantly teach you how to pull conversation out of thin air.  Best thing I ever did was sign up for an improv class!

4. Let women know you hear and understand what they are telling you.

5. Keep it short and sweet!  The more you drag on the further a woman will bond with you on a friendship level.  Save the longer versions of stories for later! When initially interacting, let her have center stage. You will get your chance later.

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