Meeting Her Parents: How To Make A Good Impression

Meeting her parents can be one of the most nerve racking, agonizing experiences you will ever have in your life.  Are they going to like me? Am I going to like them? Will they think I’m good enough for their daughter? Is her father going to try to kill me?

It can literally drive a person crazy. Watch this video as I explain How To Make A Good Impression with Her Parents.

Here are a few simple tips to follow so that you can breeze through your first meeting and make an amazing first impression:

  1. Be yourself.  Don’t try to over impress or pretend to be someone you are not.  I know it’s important for you to win them over but you aren’t going to win them over by acting like someone you are not.
  2. Always clear the table and help out.  Don’t just sit there and let your GF’s parents do everything for you. I know my parents love it whenever my boyfriends have helped out around the house without being asked.
  3. Don’t hide your affection for their daughter. Parents want to see that their daughter is with someone that will care for her. So don’t be afraid to let her parents know how you feel about their daughter and why.
  4. Find out more about them.  Ask her parents questions and show an interest in their family history and dynamic.  This will show that you want to learn and understand how to be part of their family.
  5. Ask questions about their daughter. What was she like as a child? What activities did she love?  The more interest you have in knowing about her, the more comfortable they will feel with you.
  6. Get some one on one time.  A true sign of a great man, is one that is confident enough to break away from his lady and go one on one with her parents.  Spend some private, quality time with each parent and get to know them better.

Follow these 6 tips when meeting your parents and I guarantee you will win them over and make your lady very happy!

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