[MP3] Do Women Like Bad Boys, Players Jerks?

I just realized that I the email I sent you on Tuesday did not have a live link in it!!

And I don’t want you to have to cut and paste to get your MP3 download of this week’s Ask Women Podcast 😉

So I’m sending it again and making sure this link is live and clickable!

Go download the latest episode of the Ask

Women Podcast here:

It’s actually good that I’m sending this out again because this week there is a surprise bonus episode of Ask Women Podcast and it’s all about Why Women Like Bad Boys.

I know this is definitely a topic that you want to learn about. Or at least you should.

In the episode Kristen, Haely, Mo and I discuss:

1. Why women are seemingly attracted to Bad Boys

2. The qualities in a bad boy that we love and the ones we detest

3. How to be a bad boy without being bad

4. Tools you need to select the right mate for you

5. How each of us fell for a bad boy and why we didn’t want to stay with him

It’s a really great episode.

So go download this week’s episode of the Ask Women Podcast PLUS the bonus episode here:


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  • Parkey

    My take on this is that women respond to emotional spikes and there’s a certain sort of man who is very good at creating those. It’s an addictive rollercoaster of drama.

    I believe that love, just like any other passion in life, isn’t something that you find in an instant. It’s something that is grown and nurtured over time, and often comes from the most unexpected of places.

    I loved the comment that your guest had to say, which was to just slow it down and give people a chance. I’ve done cold “dating” and been with women I’ve known socially first, and the unfortunate difference with “dating”, in my opinion, is that far too many women tend toward “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… sorrynochemistrybye!”

    Some men aren’t the instant in your face sort, and we don’t want to be, but you would be amazed at the strength of feeling you will find if you let it grow.

    • nmichael06

      This is so true. Women will tell you as well as their friends their “dream” guy or how much they want a nice guy who loves THE LORD, Romantic, and all of the above. Now once they do get him, they continue to think or talk about all the bad ones they’ve had in their life. Which eventually, runs the “nice” guy off. Then they saw, “well I have been hurt so many times that I don’t know how to appreciate a nice guy.” At the same time, some women keep the nice guy around for all the “money’ “gifts” and what ever they can get. While on the other hand, they keep the bad guy around for sex…Dern shame. It does not pay off to be a nice guy. Treat them like trash, ignore them, use them, and they will love you FOREVER.

  • Yureon

    Yes they do. They love to be abused manipulated just as much as they abuse and manipulate. They claim to want someone who will treat them “right” then have the audacity to say its boring. Nothing but being spoiled its the ultimate insult.

    Rather than being appreciative and grateful that someone has finally found them(because women never look for it themselves) they take it for granted and make that person regret ever taking them emotional investment into them.

    Your care and affection bores me. How dare they, they deserve every black eye, broken rib, and unwanted pregnancy they get.

    • Ding Chavez

      While agree with your sentiment to a certain degree, I don’t wish these women harm.

      It does seem incomprehensible that women will date a guy who would mistreat her, but bypass men that have roughly the same physical attractiveness.

      Also, what is the deal with being “boring.” Hell, I have never held a woman’s lack of being interesting against her. I’m sitting in a cafe right now. A woman who comes in with her friend is so hot she melts all who come near her. I would kill to get a shot with her.

      She comes in and talks and after having listened to her for many months, I can say with absolute certainly that watching paint dry is more interesting than this woman’s conversation.

      I would be very happy to sit and listen to her drone on if I could date her.

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