[MP3] Do Women Like Bad Boys, Players Jerks?

I just realized that I the email I sent you on Tuesday did not have a live link in it!!

And I don’t want you to have to cut and paste to get your MP3 download of this week’s Ask Women Podcast 😉

So I’m sending it again and making sure this link is live and clickable!

Go download the latest episode of the Ask

Women Podcast here:

It’s actually good that I’m sending this out again because this week there is a surprise bonus episode of Ask Women Podcast and it’s all about Why Women Like Bad Boys.

I know this is definitely a topic that you want to learn about. Or at least you should.

In the episode Kristen, Haely, Mo and I discuss:

1. Why women are seemingly attracted to Bad Boys

2. The qualities in a bad boy that we love and the ones we detest

3. How to be a bad boy without being bad

4. Tools you need to select the right mate for you

5. How each of us fell for a bad boy and why we didn’t want to stay with him

It’s a really great episode.

So go download this week’s episode of the Ask Women Podcast PLUS the bonus episode here:


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