These Are The Sexiest Male Body Parts As Rated By Women

Every man is dying to know what male body parts turn women on the most. For me it’s always been a mans hands that turn me on most.

You can tell a lot by a mans hands and in my opinion is the big indicator of just how manly a man actually is.

Sorry, getting lost in my fantasy world of manly hands. Ha.

I wanted to know what other woman thought about this, so I asked 100 women and their responses actually shocked me and will definitely be a motivator for you to haul your butt to the gym.

I feel like equinox may owe me for this post 😉

Here are the results of my Male Body Parts Women Love Survey:

10- Sharply shaped shoulders

Number 10 on the list of top body parts were a mans sharply shaped shoulders.

This is why I love us women. It’s not just shoulders but we actually go into detail on how the shoulders should be shaped.

Women like it when a man has well-defined, broad shoulders because they’re a sign of strength and masculinity.

One woman said “I love when a man moves his shoulders and you’re able to see the (muscle) definition.”

Another girl added, “Running my fingers across broad, lean ones excites me immeasurably. That’s why I love giving my boyfriend massages in this area.”

Excites me immeasurably?? If that’s not reason to start doing bench presses. I don’t know what is.

Number 9 on the list of top male body parts that turn women on is a chiseled chest. Just like men, women love a nice pair of breasts!

Most ladies said that they like being able to envision what a man’s chest looks like under his clothes.

The way a sweater or chemise falls on a man’s body, they profess, reveals a lot about what’s under there.

Number 8 on the list of top male body parts is bulging biceps

Come on… you knew it was coming.

Big, well-defined biceps don’t just signify strength, they also reveal that you’re taking good care of your body.

And if there’s one thing women love, it’s a man who takes care of things.

It also doesn’t hurt when guys are able to lift them up and maneuver their bodies effortlessly when they’re engaging in crazy “slam you up against the wall” sex.

Number 7 on the list of top male body parts is having luscious lips. Have you ever seen the show glee?

Most likely not, but if you have there is this one guy on the show who has the most amazing, suckable lips!!!

Women like full mouths on men not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for those more intimate things we can do with them.

One woman wrote, “I love to suck on a man’s thick lips until they’re swollen and then I like to rub ice on them while I kiss them.”

Yeah, I like to do that to lips too, just not the ones she’s referring to.

But women were very diverse in the lip department. Some liked only thick bottom lips and some even preferred thinner lips.

Number 6 on the list of top male body parts is their tongue.

If there’s one talent that we women appreciate immensely, it’s a man’s ability to use his tongue as though it were a saliva-producing penis with an attitude.

Although some women chose the tongue for those intimate kissing sessions, most specified that it was because they enjoyed being kissed “down there.”

Number 5 on the list of top male body parts is his hygienic hands.

“One thing I love about my boyfriend are his big, thick, clean hands.” Until I heard the word hands, I could’ve sworn that she was talking about something else.  Actually the word “clean” threw me off somewhat.

So many women mentioned that a man’s hands say a lot about him..

And I’m not referring to the myth that hand size equals penis size.

Women were referring to other things like what he does for a living and what he emits about himself to the world.

Number 4 on the list of top male body parts are his hips.

Whereas in this day and age, the smaller a woman’s hips the better, surprisingly enough, we women also like holding on to your hips when having sex. We love the fact that your hips are narrow. I think they’re just jealous

Number 3 on the list of top male body parts are your abs

Don’t get freaked out here and start doing a 1000 plus sit ups day. The women in the survey didn’t necessarily state they got turned on by a 6 pack but they seem to like a flat stomach. That’s FLAT not FAT.

One woman said it best “No woman wants to have sex with a man who has to physically lift his belly in order to put it in.”

Number 2 on the list of top male body parts is a man’s PENIS.

And there it is. The thing you men think we cherish the most. Your penis. It’s funny because none of the women specified what size it should be. But what a lot of women did mention was that a properly groomed groin area was very important.

One woman said “I don’t like spitting out curly, coarse hair when I’m in the middle of a fellatio marathon.” So break out the razors, wax and depilatories, it’s time to make a forest clearing.

Other things that women mentioned:

– Proportionate skin color (body to penis)

– Not too veiny

– Circumcised

– Uncircumcised

– Not too small

– Not too big

– Thick

– Nice smell

Number 1 on the list of top male body parts is your butt.

I guess the one thing this survey goes to show is that women are not that much different from men.

Some women wrote that they love those “half-moon” butts, while others preferred the “slightly curvaceous” ones.

When it comes down to it everyone likes a nice ass!

And there you have it. This Wing Girls list of the top 10 body parts women love

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