Summer Bootcamp With Marni & David Wygant In Toronto

After going through almost 1000 votes, it was decided that David and I will be doing our next 3 day Pick Up and Attraction Bootcamp in…..

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I am originally from Toronto, so I am so happy to be returning home August 12 – 14!

David and I are pumped about this Canadian Bootcamp. Our goal is to make it even better than our London Bootcamp!

So what exactly happens on one of these Attraction and Pick Up Bootcamps?

What A Bootcamp Weekend Looks Like

Here’s what’s in store for you during this once-in-a-lifetime weekend:

Friday (August 12)

  • Your Bootcamp experience will begin at 6:00PM, and after introductions, will jump right into accomplishing the goal for Friday, getting to know yourself and defining who you are. Successful dating is about creating a consistent image, and that all starts with you.
  • We’ll spend the night covering self-perception, first impressions, doing observation exercises to help train you to be spontaneous and fun in every situation. We’ll talk about being a source of pleasure, body language, personal touch, and conversational openers.
  • We’ll work storytelling, continue developing spontaneity, give demonstrations of everything and have live in-the-field practice. You don’t learn unless you go out and do it! We have time set aside for a nice dinner, where we’ll go over everything, answer any questions, and spend some time figuring out your specific goals for the bootcamp.
  • After dinner, we’ll either do some roleplay and storytelling exercises, NLP/visualization sessions, or an evening/night game outing, all depending on what we decide as a group. By the time bedtime rolls around, you’ll have so many great new ideas and thoughts, your head will be spinning, but in a good way as you realize the doors that this information will open for you.

Saturday (August 13)

  • In the morning we’ll start with a recap of the previous day, have a Q&A session (trust me, you’ll have plenty of questions after a good nights sleep to think about it), and an image consult/fashion makeover.
  • We’ll grab some lunch, and then take the afternoon to walk around as a group with a great social vibe. You’ll be astounded by how many people we’ll be talking to, and the great opportunities you’ll have to practice everything. We’ll also start to pinpoint the hang-ups that every person has and need to work on, and come up with a gameplan for getting rid of those – for good. We’ll teach you how to “turn on” the playful, fun, energetic vibe that all women LOVE.
  • We’ll also cover such topics such as having an abundance mentality, living in the moment and not carrying such high expectations all the time, how to create better dates, and follow up game. We’ll grab some dinner, and then you’ll have time to digest your food and everything you’ve learned.
  • After dinner we’ll have a discussion about living the lifestyle that will help your dating life. I’ll go over personal successes and failures I’ve had in dating, and how we can all learn from our mistakes, and the mistakes of others. Then we’ll decide where we want to go out as a group for some more in-the-field practice. The evening is all about having fun, developing connections with others, and continued learning in faster paced environments.

Sunday (August 14)

  • By the time you wake up on Sunday, you’ll realize two things. That learning so much wears you out, and that you can already feel the difference and confidence you have with all the new tools we’ve given you. Sunday is an extension of Saturday, where we’ll be out practicing in the field, but with the added emphasis of focusing on an area each person is weak at. Throughout the day, we’ll be there with you to provide encouragement and feedback, as you go out and practice everything. You can’t grow without practice, and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.
  • We’ll end the day at 5:00pm, with a recap of everything. Even though the bootcamp ends at this point, your journey has just begun, and we’ll give you the tools and information you need to continue your success when you get back home, and more importantly, for the rest of your life.

I am telling you, it’s like Summer Camp for adults. Specifically you’ll discover how to:

  • How to instantly convey that your interaction with her is “more than friends” – and make it more fun and playful than other guys
  • How to talk about your life WITHOUT bragging (because bragging is a HUGE turnoff for women)…
  • When to dial up the sexuality in a conversation – and how to tell when she’s ready for this (timing is everything in this regard)…
  • Advanced Conversational Judo: Even if you’re the one who approached her, there’s a way to spin things around so that it seems like SHE’S CHASING YOU (as a bonus, she’ll LOVE that you know how to do this)…
  • The simple secret to mastering flirting in a matter of months – or even weeks! (hint: you can “practice” this art much more than you ever believed possible)…
  • How to gauge her exact level of interest in you – and then dial up the fun to the point where she often asks you out! (this is something all “naturals” do automatically, but it’s easily learned – once you see how process works)…
  • And so much more…

In just one weekend you can –

  • Finally realize that “approach anxiety” is nothing but a myth (I’ll show you how to be TRULY “natural” – so that you forget you were ever nervous about initiating conversations with women)…
  • Sharpen your ability to be attractive, confident and powerfully masculine – while chatting with women you would have previously thought were out of your league…
  • Create DEEP, LASTING, SEXUALLY-CHARGED CONNECTIONS with women… get her to want to meetup more than you do… and have the knowledge and boldness it takes to lead her into a passionate relationship (whether it’s one night, one year or for life!)
Check out an email I got from one of the guys on the London Bootcamp:


I just want you to know that you have changed my life forever.
On the way home from the bootcamp, I started chatting up a cute little blonde. She was leaning into to me and batting her eye lashes the whole time. Before getting off the tube, I said “Give me your, I want to take you out this weekend”.  She quickly put it in my phone.Before I got off, I gave her a kiss on the cheek, looked her in the eyes and said “I’ll call you. Enjoy the ride”.
I did it with such confidence and didn’t even think twice about what to say or how to act.  Thank you Marni. I could not have done this without you.
– A

Amazing! That email made my day. I am excited to get an email like that from 🙂

David was sneaky and announced our Bootcamp to his guys last night, which means as of now, there are only 5 spots left on the Toronto Bootcamp. If you want to attend, find out more information or sign up for the Bootcamp in Toronto (August 12-14) go to:

If you have any specific questions, just hit reply to this email and enter the subject title: Toronto Bootcamp and ask away.
I really hope I get a chance to meet you in person and make you a rock star with women.

Remember, ONLY 5 Spots Left!!!

If you want to attend, find out more information or sign up for the Bootcamp in Toronto (August 12-14) go to:

I would love to work with you in person and help you become a rock star with women!

Hope you sign up.

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