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How To Read A Woman’s Body Language

Women are tricky characters BECAUSE they communicate both with their words and their BODY.  Check out this video clip that I took from ABC’s Last Man Standing starring Tim Alan on How Women Communicate.  It will show you something very … keep reading

How To Meet Women EVERYWHERE!!!

Want to know how to meet women everywhere??  I’ll tell you… Back from London and honestly a little sad.  I had such an amazing experience working with 22 of the most wonderful men!  I know I didn’t tell you, but … keep reading

How To Work A Room: Starting Conversations With Women

Want to know 3 easy ways to Start Conversations With Women? It’s actually pretty easy as long as you use one of the 3 conversation starters outlined below. I found these tips in this month’s Men’s Health Magazine. 3 Great … keep reading

9 Tips For Approaching Women

TIPS FOR ATTRACTING WOMEN THAT EVERY MAN MUST KNOW: 1. Do not linger and stare – Women are always aware of the “lurkers”. We can see you and feel you. The longer you stare the lower your chances are of … keep reading