Why Women Ask Men Questions & How To Answer Correctly

Why do women ask sooooo many damn questions?!!?

– What do you do for a living?

– What’s your family like?

– Are you a good boy or a bad boy?

– What do you think of X?

– Why did your last relationship end?

Annoying right? WRONG!!! Questions are actually a sign that the girl you are trying to attract is actually interested in you.Β  It’s her way of finding out more about you, not her way of testing you.

While in Hawaii this past week, I was with a wonderful group of girls celebrating my birthday and we all got to talking about Why Women Ask Men Questions. So of course I said HOLD ON, I gotta record this. Since it was my b-day week, they had to say yes πŸ™‚Β  Love the b-day guilt. Ha.

I was initially going to include this audio in my program Secrets Women Will NEVER Tell You: What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind. But instead, I decided that for my b-day, I wanted to give you a gift.Β  The gift of clarity.

Listen below to the 15 minute, Champagne-induced, INSIDER interview with 2 lovely ladies Renee and Leah where we discuss Why Women Ask Men Questions & How To Answer Correctly. Enjoy!

Click below to listen or you can download to your computer:

Take away from this MP3 is that next time you feel like you are being tested, PAUSE, Smile and then remember that she’s asking questions because she’s interested in seeing who you are. By answering questions correctly, you create more attraction and instantly check her attraction boxes.Β  And that’s what you want right? To check her box πŸ˜‰

Want to hear more INSIDER conversations just like this one?

I have interviewed over 50 hot, beautiful, amazing women and asked them the questions you’ve always wanted the answers to.

Check out Secrets Women Will Never Tell You: What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind. Click here to read more


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  • ellie

    Sorry, the page you requested could not be found.

  • David L.

    Happy birthday, Marni!

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Thank you so much!
      Marni πŸ™‚

  • PJ

    Marny & the Aussie woman sounded good. The third lady sounded like she’d has one too many Pruseccos!

    • PJ

      Marni* not Marny! I beg your pardon.

  • guillermo

    I understand what you say that women do not test men when they ask questions. The key is not that, but how we men respond to those questions in order to avoid to fall in the trap of boredom/interview/hostil ground. it is to think ” how to turn something borring she ask into something that is interesting” aka make small talk attractive. I also disagree with you in the fact that “how is the right way to approach?” and I must say the most important factor is state, wich communicate value, and thats why youΒ΄ll be able to make her laugh

  • Matteo

    Happy birthday Marni! I am in Mexico celebrating mine which was yesterday the most awesome birthday I have had today!

  • thinker

    its called interrogation..i am aright with that if it used both ways….

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Dating is a high stakes game!
      Marni πŸ™‚

  • ryman1

    Happy Birthday, kid…thanks for all you do.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Thanks Ryman!
      Marni πŸ™‚

  • Moke

    Haoli La Hanau! Happy Birthday! Belated, and of course in the native tongue where you celebrated your birthday week. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Mahalo ia ‘oe no kou kokua me na wahine. Thank you for your help and guidance with women(from talking to dating), having a woman’s perspective definitely broadens my view and understanding of this whole attraction/dating scene. Thanks and hope you enjoyed your birthday week here in Hawaii.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Thank you for your kind wishes, Moke!
      Marni πŸ™‚

  • happy birthday Marni…from abu dhabi with love..:)

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Thanks Loreto!
      Marni πŸ™‚

  • Al

    Happy Birthday Marni! πŸ™‚

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Thanks Al!
      Marni πŸ™‚

  • wsmith

    cant listen to it. help

  • bvbdan1

    You are so cute Marni and i wish you a very Happy Birthday.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Thank you very much dvbdan1!
      On both counts.
      Marni πŸ™‚

  • Elliott

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Thanks Elliott!
      Marni πŸ™‚

  • skw

    Marni – read this article. read Point 3


    • Greg

      No she doesn’t. I did everything her programs told me to do, and I’m far better with women because of it. I have a lazy-eye too, so I’m not good looking, I make 30k a year as well. She’s the best. Stop whining, and take her advice. (Which is REALLY similar to mark’s advice).

      • skw

        I had no idea stating facts was “whining”

        If you get robbed and the police come and ask you questions about what happened, is that whining?

  • mc

    So women always want happy men, because they need to give them less, and will get more from them?

    Harmony tests are tests. Mutually beneficial tests for long term relationships, but still tests.

    Before a man has talked to a woman, she has already passed most (if not all) of the man’s tests. He will be hopeful that the woman feels the same way. Verbal testing from her is a sign that he hasn’t already won (bad), though it is also a sign that he hasn’t yet lost (good). If a man thinks he’s going to get an answer to a certain question wrong, of course he’s not going to like the question being asked!

    Men can see these tests as “sport” because if the roles were reversed, he would only behave that way if he was playing games to belittle someone. As with everyone, they can easily assume that everyone else thinks the same way they do.

  • J

    There is only one Man who Will make you completely fulfilled, and that Man is Jesus. I promise that if you seek him and let him into your heart you will experience rest and Everlasting Joy. I pray that you will take this message to heart and experience TRUE Happiness in Jesus. God Bless. ps. Pray to Jesus about all of your problems so that he will help you like he has helped me always.

    • jak

      jesus doesn’t teach you how to attract women as well as Marni does…………

      • Marni Wing Girl

        Haha Jak, thanks.

        Marni πŸ˜€

      • Dave Smith

        Jesus doesn’t have as many blind followers as her either.

        • Amelu Arts

          Your right, Jesus doesn’t have as many blind followers as Marni, he has MORE.

          • Gordius

            I don”t remember reading where Jesus was a hit with the women. But he did spend a lot of time walking around with a bunch of guys, if that tells you anything. And he was pretty good with parlor tricks, i.e. tricks such as the fishes and loaves one, and the water into wine was good too.. But I guess the best one was his Lazarus trick.

          • You got that right @Amelu

      • Wow, such sacrilegious comments! Jesus gave no explicit teaching on the role of women in the church. In fact, he left no teaching at all concerning women as a class of people that I ever heard…. He treated every woman he met as a person in her own right ! Women are an important element in the theological debate about women and Christianity

    • I always seek the help of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. When things are unusually bad I speak to him and they always somehow eventually regress back toward being average or better, therefore it was obviously his intervention!

      He helps with the ladies too, though he got banned from my local pub. Something about inappropriate use of his noodly appendages…

      • skw

        And for the record, he’s white. got that kids?

    • Amen

    • QueenBishop5


  • MRW55

    “What do you do for a living?” “Just trying to get to know the person?”

    I’m not buying it. If one of you can tell me this with a straight face I’ll consider believing it.
    Whether intentional or not sounds like a value judgment and a qualifier.

    ” What’s your family like?”
    Talking about one’s family is a personal matter and hardly a subject for a casual conversation.

    “Washing dishes with a smile on his face?” Who in hell likes to wash dishes?.
    You girls need to have this conversation when you’re sober.

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  • faux

    So if you’re a man that’s not a whole person, you should go kill yourself? Should women that don’t feel complete (ie the 90%), do the same? Or is this yet another matriarchy double standard…

  • Ryan

    Sounds more like another “job” interview to me. So my next woman will be my “employer” and my relationship with her will be that of constantly having to prove myself to her. No wonder relationships today are in such turmoil. I know its been this way for a long time, doesn’t make it right or something that should not change. Problem is women have been raised now and in the past (much more so today) to expect and seek a set ideal (goal) of perfection and when inevitably they do not find this non-existent fairy tale, they live lives of perpetual dissatisfaction, resentments, unhappiness and failed relationships. Welcome to the new Utopian marriage(s) lol.

  • marni

    thank you everyone for the bday wishes. I plan to have an awesome day. Download by going to menu and clicking file then save as and it will let you save it to your desktop πŸ™‚

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  • Bostonterrier97

    When a woman asks me what I do for a living, I tell her I work at McDonald’s. Then I ask her if she would like to go “Big”…