Why Women Ask Men Questions & How To Answer Correctly

Why do women ask sooooo many damn questions?!!?

– What do you do for a living?

– What’s your family like?

– Are you a good boy or a bad boy?

– What do you think of X?

– Why did your last relationship end?

Annoying right? WRONG!!! Questions are actually a sign that the girl you are trying to attract is actually interested in you.  It’s her way of finding out more about you, not her way of testing you.

While in Hawaii this past week, I was with a wonderful group of girls celebrating my birthday and we all got to talking about Why Women Ask Men Questions. So of course I said HOLD ON, I gotta record this. Since it was my b-day week, they had to say yes 🙂  Love the b-day guilt. Ha.

I was initially going to include this audio in my program Secrets Women Will NEVER Tell You: What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind. But instead, I decided that for my b-day, I wanted to give you a gift.  The gift of clarity.

Listen below to the 15 minute, Champagne-induced, INSIDER interview with 2 lovely ladies Renee and Leah where we discuss Why Women Ask Men Questions & How To Answer Correctly. Enjoy!

Click below to listen or you can download to your computer:

Take away from this MP3 is that next time you feel like you are being tested, PAUSE, Smile and then remember that she’s asking questions because she’s interested in seeing who you are. By answering questions correctly, you create more attraction and instantly check her attraction boxes.  And that’s what you want right? To check her box 😉

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