Women Reveal How To Get Out of The Friend Zone With A Girl

I recently surveyed 3587 gorgeous and amazing women to find out:

1. If it’s possible for men to escape and/or avoid the friend zone

2. If they’ve ever had a guy, they viewed as a friend, become more than a friend

3. What that guy did to get out of the friend zone

I’ve posted some of the responses below so you can see what these women said. These are just a sample of the responses but overall about 2/3 of the women who responded said YES it’s possible and  YES they’ve had a friend that turned into more.


Women Reveal
How To Get Out of The Friend Zone With A Girl
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 Barbra Said YES:

Yes, it happened to me.

It all depends on how the guy behaves with me over time. If I see that I can trust him and that he’s loyal and takes care of me, and makes “moves” to get out of the friends zone, yes, it can happen

I live in Europe (Paris). I am Italian, and the guy is from London. I met him through a dating site (OKC) two years ago.

Never considered him more than a friend, because he was not exactly “my type” physically speaking. But I guess I was wrong.

Natalie Said YES:

Well, yes, I believe a lady can change her mind, and her label, if she so chooses to do so…  and a guy can help her change her mind, but first, the guy has to show her that he is interested in her, as more than a “friend,”  before he puts the hard word on her, or tries to make any move in that direction.

If the guy goes blindly ahead, and makes a move on her whilst she is still considering him as a “friend”, she may become very confused, angry, perhaps even insulted, and the guy could do irreparable damage to the “image” his lady friend has of him..

But, on the other hand, if the guy can tell her he is looking at her as more of a partner, or talk to her and explain his new feelings about her,  before he makes his move, then the lady is in the right frame of mind to accept or reject his advances, as a prospective new partner.

I really believe that it can, and does happen, but one must take precautions, to ensure that both parties are thinking the same way.

This has happened in my own situation, and I have seen it happen to two of my friends, at different times.  We all sat down and talked about the whys and wherefores, and figured that the lady must have an opportunity to “re-label” the guy (change her ideas of him, and think of him in a totally different context) and as long as the guy did not just “take the plunge” before she had a chance to process these new thoughts.

Sadly, in one instance, the guy did just go ahead and try and make a move on her, and consequently she slapped his face, and demanded to know exactly what he thought he was doing…!  She had only thought of him as her friend, blah blah blah…   an instant mood killer!!

Well, these are my thoughts on the issue Marni, I hope I can help you in your findings, and you can help more men and women to understand each other better, and make this World a happier place.

Julie Said YES:

Yes, I had a friend that turned into a long-term relationship for 6 & 1/2 years. He asked me out after we’d known each other socially for at least 5 years. I was curious so I said yes, and the rest is history.

Louise Said YES:

Yes – I worked with him too for 4yrs …… he was my best friend (at work anyway) ……. we got on really well, and on Monday mornings he would tell me all about his weekend (looking back probably trying to impress me – but it had the opposite affect at the time lol) ……. usually about dancing with this girl and once saying two of the girls he was seeing turned up on the same night etc etc …… I think you get the picture……. I really liked him as a friend – but seriously thought he was a jerk when it came to women.

I ended up marrying him & was married to him for 20yrs……. it turns out he was trying to impress me – but was actually inadvertently pushing me more and more into the friend zone without realizing it!

Cherie Said NO:

No. I have never slept with a male friend!!  I keep my friends as friends.

Anne Said YES: 

Yes, it is definitely possible for a guy to move out of the just friends zone with me.  Here is how:

If he takes the time to listen to me and learn how I work, what I’m about and what matters the most in life to me then he will have everything he needs to speak my language and show me how much he cares about me.  For example, I am all about making others happy.  I am happy when I see others smile so if he notices and appreciates that part of who I am then it means a lot to me and will gain my interest because he paid attention.

Most of all if he can learn and speak my primary love language then he will quickly begin moving out of the friend zone and making me wake up to the possibilities with him.

Every woman wants to feel loved and appreciated for who she is, not who she could possibly be to a man.  Showing me that he cares about who I am right now and loving me unconditionally no matter what I look like is what I look for in a potential lifelong mate.


Sofia Said MAYBE But It’s Never Happened To Me:

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible but it’s definitely not easy. I’ve friend zoned a few guys, two of which attempted, really intently to get out of that zone to no avail.

They were very good friends of mine and one still is, but as much as I like who they are and our ability to share things…the passion just isn’t there. They fill(ed) a different and also necessary role in my life, but they were friend zoned because for one reason or another I don’t see them as a good long term match for me. In my case they wouldn’t be able to change their “status” simply because it’s related to their nature and I know better than to try to change a man to suit me.


Lisa Said YES:

I think the answer is yes. I had a friend who I didn’t consider to be anything more. I didn’t find him attractive in that way, but I loved his company. One day he just grabbed me and kissed me! It was such a confident kiss, and I change my thoughts then and there. We dated for two years. So I always say to my friends to kiss them before they rule out a great friend. Because there can be nothing better. Tell them to be confident, we like that.


Ruth Said YES:

Yes, it does happen and the instrument was flirting and gentle teasing, just occasionally ‘getting under the skin’


Oksana Said YES:

I can say that it my life I have several cases when friends became something more. And interestingly enough when this something was over, we actually remained friends.

Again, these are just a handful of results but I have 1000’s more just like them.

Most women I talk to, have a story where a guy friend was able to become more and all he had to do was slightly shift his approach and take action.

Do you want instructions on HOW TO TAKE ACTION and shift your approach?  Read this article


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