Do Women Only Want Good Looking Guys? Do Looks Matter To Women?

One of my readers recently wrote in asking for my thoughts about an article he came across.

It was a Tinder case study done by a guy who set up a fake profile using pictures of a male model. He wanted to see how many matches he’d get and how sexually direct he could get away with being.

You can read the article for yourself at this link here:

Ok, so what are my thoughts on the outcome of this experiment?

Well, to sum them up in a word… DUHHH!

Of course really good looking guys will get tons of matches on Tinder! It’s an app where 90% of people are making a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision based on a quick glance of a photo.

And despite what some male dating gurus will try and tell you, women ARE attracted to good looking guys.

That means a male model will often be able to get away with saying things that an average guy couldn’t. And when it comes to sex, he’ll have an easier time getting laid (whether it’s on Tinder or in a bar).

Is it fair? No. But that’s just the way it is.

It’s no different than how most men tolerate worse behavior from a beautiful woman than they do from an unattractive one.

But here’s the thing…

Even though we might be more attracted to a good-looking man, it’s only a superficial attraction. It’s not so much that we’re attracted to him as a person, but rather what he represents.

And that’s the feeling of being desired and chosen by a man who has a lot of options. It makes us feel like there’s something special about us when we can get the hot guy that all the other women want too.

It’s the same reason that celebrities have their pick of women. It’s an ego boost to feel that we’re wanted by someone who could have anyone they choose.

I experienced this first-hand a while back when I met a pretty well-known director. This guy was showering me with attention, and even though I didn’t find him physically attractive, I was drawn to him because his interest in me was so flattering.

However, that type of attraction is only temporary. If a man doesn’t have anything to back it up, it won’t be long before we lose interest.

So, if you’re wanting to be with a woman, looks aren’t the most important factor.

Even for a one night stand, giving the perception that you are in demand either through your attitude or your carefully picked words, you can also spark that same desire created by a pretty face and wash board abs.

The good news is you’re able to level the playing field by working on other factors that cause us to feel a deeper level of attraction for you.

Things like confidence, humor, success, ambition, intelligence, passion, social smarts etc. Your personality is something you can develop, and is FAR more important in the long run than looks are.

But on an app like Tinder, looks will appear to win out because you can’t showcase your personality the same way you can face to face. That means if you only rely on online dating sites and apps to meet women, you’re hiding the best asset you have.

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It’s not about temporary attraction based on looks or anything superficial. It’s about being the type of man that radiates sexual charisma from the core of your being, that women find impossible to resist.

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