You’re Not Shy, You’re Boring

Just stumbled on this video from my friend Matt Hussey and thought of you!  He explains that being shy is a choice and that YOU have the power to change that whenever you want.

Aside from his mis-use of the terms extrovert and introvert, I think this is a great little kick in the butt video that you should watch.

Being shy is simply a habit that you can break.  I did!

As Matt said in the video, just because YOU know you are shy, doesn’t mean others know.  I’ve met tons of people who at first meeting I thought were rude, dicks, jerks, NOT interested… only later to find out they were simply shy.

Think about how many women may have thought that way about you because they didn’t realize you were shy. I’m guessing a lot. That’s tons of missed opportunity with great women.

I want to help you get over your bad habit of being shy.  In my program The INSIDhER, I have a ton of exercises that will help you break out of your shell and be that charismatic, outgoing guy I know you can be.

Take a look at the full program here:

NO MORE USING “I’M SHY” as the reason for not getting what you want with women 😉

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  • John Young

    This is bullcrap. I have to be “shy” around women, because I am not tall and good looking. If I show any interest at all in a woman, it will be taken as offensive. A tall, dark, and handsome guy shows interest, it’s flattering.. A 5’7″, ugly guy shows interest, it’s “sexual harassment “.

    • Marni

      Have you considered dating men?

      • John Young

        Have you considered shoving a gun in your mouth, and blowing your brains out?
        You should do that, Fake Marni.. It would surely be an improvement.

        • John Moody

          this is maybe not the way to pick up women ; )

          • John

            Oh bull.. That fake “Marni” impersonating troll was asking for it.

          • John Moody

            ah i guess what your post brought up for me is respect towards women even if the poster is not Marni. i had a reaction to it but that is okay : )

          • John

            It was a fake “disqus” account just titled “Marni”. It only had a few posted comments, all asking guys if they considered dating men.
            It wasn’t Marni Kinrys. Her’s is titled “Marni, your personal wing girl”, and has her picture. It was a troll.
            I pretty much guarantee it was a guy in his mom’s basement. Women don’t generally troll like that.

          • John

            My original post was only illustrating the double standard that goes on. That’s all.

    • John Smith

      It’s sexual harassment from anyone unattractive, because without mutual attraction there’s no consent. No crying over your height will ever change that.

  • John Moody

    Hello Marni thank you for this video.
    I actually have some hang up on this. i tend to judge myself harshly for interactions i have with others when i put myself out there. i know about OSA and it is a really helpful way of talking. i am learning now to take focus of conversation off myself but sometimes tend to slip back into that bad habit due to my mind to being unable to find something to say. i guess i do not need to talk all the time (this is not only for women but people in general) but any advice on just being natural and comfortable in conversation without being boring would help and i also know that i do not want be too needy in my interactions with people and have worried i get misjudged over that but actually realized the other day it okay to want deeper and more fun rapport in my interactions and who cares if it comes out a bit needy sometimes.

  • Rodney Edler

    The guy in the video does not know what an introvert actually is or what it means. Being an introvert does not necessarily mean you are shy.
    For a true introvert social activity can be exhausting and they need alone time to recharge. Small groups can be relaxing, where as larger groups can be a real drain on them. For an extrovert, social activity helps them to gain energy and being alone is difficult. Either group can be shy!
    Shy, or a better term to use, social anxiety, is a completely different animal. I know, because I’m an introvert, and I’m not shy. I can walk up to anyone and strike up a conversation about anything. The difference is, afterwards, I really like to spend some quality time alone to recharge and process.
    Someone please get these dating coaches and education on what an introvert is so the misinformation will stop being recycled. Their target audience includes people with social anxiety issues. Introverts have a sliding scale and there are some that are practically shut ins, but its not the same thing. It’s not addressed using the same techniques to establish coping skills.
    Social anxiety can be overcome with a pattern of successful interactions. Introverts need to learn to balance their social interactions verses alone time and be aware of how much recharging time they need. Completely different.
    Disappointed to see a garbage video like that posted here.