You’re Not Shy, You’re Boring

Just stumbled on this video from my friend Matt Hussey and thought of you!  He explains that being shy is a choice and that YOU have the power to change that whenever you want.

Aside from his mis-use of the terms extrovert and introvert, I think this is a great little kick in the butt video that you should watch.

Being shy is simply a habit that you can break.  I did!

As Matt said in the video, just because YOU know you are shy, doesn’t mean others know.  I’ve met tons of people who at first meeting I thought were rude, dicks, jerks, NOT interested… only later to find out they were simply shy.

Think about how many women may have thought that way about you because they didn’t realize you were shy. I’m guessing a lot. That’s tons of missed opportunity with great women.

I want to help you get over your bad habit of being shy.  In my program The INSIDhER, I have a ton of exercises that will help you break out of your shell and be that charismatic, outgoing guy I know you can be.

Take a look at the full program here:

NO MORE USING “I’M SHY” as the reason for not getting what you want with women 😉

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