50 Shades of Grey Review – Why Women Like This Book

I just finished reading 50 Shades of Grey and my libido is pumping!!

I totally get what all the fuss is about.
If you haven’t seen a woman reading 50 Shades of Grey yet, where have you been?

Women are flicking through this thing over lunch, browsing it on the subway, and reading it out loud at their book clubs… and whats crazier?

They are all getting wildly turned on by this simple piece of fiction. 50 Shades of Grey explores women’s sexual fantasies. It is a book about sex, erotica literature, and it has the entire female population mesmerised.I highly suggest you get yourself a copy as it’s a direct insight into the female libido!

But before you rush to the store to pick up a copy, I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you. Because I feel this is one book where you need a woman’s opinion to guide you through the hidden details in it to what women find so attractive; as it may not be what you think!

I don’t want you to read this book with your masculine goggles on. I want you to really see it from a woman’s POV.

Because once you do, you will have unlocked the secret to every woman’s hidden fantasies and be able to seduce any woman you want.

So here’s the bad news: not all women want to be chained up, spanked, or blindfolded. Don’t think, “oh that’s what I have to do, string a woman up in ropes and use her as my sex slave because that’s obviously what all women secretly want”.

Remember: the book is fiction, and so the relationship is exaggerated.

However, while you may not be a 27 year old billionaire with a helicopter there are a few valuable lessons you can learn about what women want that I want you to notice. Many guys reading this book will assume that the reason Ana Steele is so interested in Christian Grey is because he’s young, good looking, and rich.

But the female readers can’t actually see Christian Grey, they can’t take a ride in his helicopter. What really engages them, what really turns them on, all occurs within the mind. There isn’t actually any sex until way beyond 100 pages in!

What does that tell you?

That sexual tension, for women, is in the mental anticipation of what might happen. It is her not knowing if she can control herself, how he’s going to seduce her. It’s not about jumping right into the whips and the chains: it’s about Ana feeling like Christian really wants her, and building up her expectations.

Christian frequently says things like, “If I want to I will…”

He is leading his own life and vision, and women love that! Now you can use something similar: try telling a woman that you wanther to check out a restaurant or a band you think she’ll love. This is so much better than speaking in a weaker, less certain way.

Being direct isn’t the only thing that makes Christian Grey attractive though: he also makes Ana trust him, he shows to her that beneath his suave exterior that there is a vulnerability. He mentions past traumas and at times the mask slips, he isn’t as perfectly in control as he initially makes out. Rather than being a turn-off this makes him more attractive to Ana. She feels like he is sincere, he is passionate and that there’s something deeper happening, that he is in love with only her.

He shows that his entire attention is on her and frequently tells, “You are mine”. In the book this can come across as possessive behavior, which isn’t attractive. However, I want you to take from it that women like to feel desired by men, that a man isn’t just with her because he has no other options, but because he truly wants to be with her.

So when you’re reading 50 Shades of Grey remember that it is an erotic fantasy and to read between the lines.

Women don’t want you to be a billionaire, but they do like a man who has authority and confidence.

Women don’t necessarily want a man to dominate them, but they do want a guy to adopt the masculine role and lead.

Women don’t want a guy who literally owns them, but they want to feel desired and wanted.

And do you know what the best lesson you can take from 50 Shades of Grey is?

That women love sex too, that they want to meet men and that this book has woken up the libido of thousands and thousands of women all around the world!

Go get yourself a copy here: http://amzn.to/PQXDIH

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  • I read it. It intrigues me the “emotional spikes.
    For example, in the first book is a lot of “spanking.”
    Ana has a “fear” of things going too far, and simultaneously,
    these thoughts cause “her inner Goddess to do cartwheels.”

    The contrast between pain and pleasure creates “an emotional flow” that triggers within Ana.

    Inflicting pain is combination pain and pleasure, sadist vs. nurturous man.

    What’s your take on it?

  • Kevin S

    I read a few paragraphs while I saw it in Target. Christian tells her exactly what he wants her to do “Spread your legs, wider, wider” He tells her what to do, When I was having phone sex with a girl I met online back in the late 90’s. The girl said to me “I love it when guys tell me what to do”

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Hey Kevin

      this is because by saying what you WANT you’re adopting the sexy masculine role which is so attractive to women

      Marni πŸ™‚

  • Ding Chavez

    I wish you women would just tell us in ENGLISH what you want. Specifically.
    MOST men want and desire women.
    Lead? Where are you trying to go?
    I keep hearing you say LEAD, but women don’t seem to have clear aims and objectives.
    EVERY man can lead you, if you TELL us where you want to go AND allow us anopportunity to take you there.

    • Jamiel Cotman

      The term β€˜Lead’ is so big and complex. There is like a trillion books on it!
      The way I see it is women want guys who have qualities that generally entice others to follow, but more specifically, they want a guy who has a clear direction and vision for his own life, insomuch that she is compelled to be a part of it.
      The irony is that most guys do have it, but seem to put it aside to chase [follow] women.

      • Marni Wing Girl

        hey Jamiel

        I like this! I’d just add that ‘leading’ is about the man being a MAN when he’s around a woman: it is about him having a knowledge of what he wants and being ok to communicate that. It is also about a guy being ok to make decisions and be direct: which are some of the qualities that women find sexiest in a man

        Marni πŸ™‚

      • Koodle

        Both men and women need to do their thing and both share together. This book caters to the bunch of women who have no respect for themselves. They wish life was easy and a joy ride. They wish everything was handed to them; emotionally, financially, spiritually. They want to do nothing but be taken cared of. They want to be desired, they want to be chased, they want to be loved, they want to be admired, they want to be served, they want to be taken cared of, they want to be pampered, they want to be satisfied, they want to spoiled with gifts, and the list goes on. This book feeds it to them mentally because NO ONE CAN in reality. It’s like crack. The problem is EVERYTHING is about THEM. It’s a selfish book. It’s not about living for others, giving, making a difference, changing the world, sacrificing. No. It’s about two super exaggerated and unrealistic people having sex. You can have kinky sex with your boyfriend or husband. It’s not the same since he’s not a billionaire, yea we know.

    • Parkey

      A little secret: They DON’T CARE where you’re leading them.

      Having aims and objectives and a destination in mind is a masculine trait. The feminine lives in the flow of the moment. They don’t want to have aims and objectives, they want to be swept away by man who has his own.

      Choose an exciting journey for your life and then, only then, invite women to follow you.

      • Marni Wing Girl

        Love this Parkey!

  • Jamiel Cotman

    What brought this book to my
    attention was how many women were reading it, talking about it, or actually had
    it. And this is a diverse bunch.

    Women in my family.

    Women at work.

    Women online.

    All talking about the same

    I mean, I knew about soap operas and
    romance novels, and the effect they have on chicks, but in my life I have never
    seen it at this level. It actually outsold Harry Potter [Harry Potter made J.K.
    Rowling a BILLIONAIRE]. Right now, it has OVER 12,000 reviews on Amazon [that
    number is uncommon]. But the last straw was when I read a female reviewer who
    said something like:

    “My vagina is
    soar. This book has put my vibrator into overuse!”

    Got to read it.

    Super curious now.

  • KevinS


    Women want to follow you wherever YOU want to go, they want to play “follow the leader” The leader is being you. Does Ding want to go the movies? She will follow. Does Ding want to go out to dinner? She will follow you to the restaurant. YOU make the plans, You pick where you want to go and what you want her to do. Don’t ever ask her at least not in the beginning.

    Does this help?

    • Ray

      The funny thing is they complain about wanting men to lead, take control, be assertive, and have confidence; but in real life they get mad because men have more rights, more pay, and more say. You have to understand that leaders mean you have more influence… more influence is more power and money. A follower cannot demand the same level of pay, respect, and rights as a leader. As is an employee and a CEO. A student and a teacher. A judge and the president.

  • KevinS

    My question is, How can you take advantage of this? For a woman, all she has to do is take her clothes off and tell the guy “Let’s go” and it’s on. With women it’s not that easy. Are you gonna start reciting lines out of a romance novel to her? How can you turn her on with books? Give her 50 shades of grey and say “Fuck me when your done reading it?

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Ha Kevin- come on!

      Ok so obviously you don’t need to go into a full blown enactment, BUT I think borrow little ideas from the book. For instance: try being direct and telling her what you’d like her to do, ‘I’d like you to take your clothes off now’ and see if she follows your lead. This is sexy as you’re being masculine by telling her what you want.

      Marni πŸ™‚

  • Chuncey Pride

    READ THIS. TAKE THIS TO HEART. If you catch any woman reading this book who is not married. snatch they ass up. this book is like the holy grail for getting in chicks pants. i convinced this chick that i was into the book but don’t have time to read it (that’s your angle in). Now the key is to get her to read the book to you. trust me i have this chick reading all three books to me and we been sleeping together going on two weeks now. when she reads that book out loud with you there and your looking and listening. you wait for her ass to say “i would like to try that” or “hmm that doesn’t sound like a bad idea” that’s when a little Dave Chappelle should go off in your head and say “got you bitch”. this works for me i hope this works for you. if it doesn’t find another chick. like she said everybody is reading this including your mom lmao

  • Rvn0101

    What women “want” and what this book portrays are in no way connected. They DO and ARE attracted to Grey because he is a rich, and has power. That’s simply it. It’s true because if you replace Grey with an average Joe who let’s say makes 50k a year, most women already lost interest in the book. It’s the notion that Grey is “rare” that they are into. There’s many many confident and assertive guys around who are turned down because they’re “jerks” or “players” when they come on assertively. Even IF this book is read for the attraction to confidence, love, and affection, it is portrayed in a perverted and unrealistic way that directly affects the way women think and behave. Nothing wrong with reading the book. The problem is about OBSESSING about it and getting turned on, wet, horny, wishing your husband was Grey. This is what is wrong with it.

  • Wesley

    They like it because it’s a fantasy of fantasies to be railed by a young billionaire that has looks money power etc. don’t feed me the read in between the lines bs like oh he’s confident he’s direct blah blah . The story wouldn’t sell if mr grey was a grocery clerk with balls of steel…seriously. It would have a wow effect of seeing paint dry. Seriously there are plenty of young confident men but they are still average in terms of lifestyle. The character is a rare find and they can use their imagination to further envision qualities about him. As most billionaires are old and unattractive (Donald trump bill gates ) lol but Vince McMahon lol he’s the exception lol.

    A billionaire can go anywhere and do anything and she feels like wow that could be me on that yacht or beach or country. As most of the women who read this are unattractive or just want to fantasize even more and need some food for thought.

    As women’s emotions sway their perception and judgment they get pissed and disappoint when someone exudes these qualities “confidence” bold” direct etc are not accompanied by money looks and power.

  • Yureon

    Lol wow! He’s a 27 year old billionaire…
    You know how many women of all ages and background would be the stack of someone like that? It would make everyone they know jealous.
    Mr.Grey here is very woman’s fantasy on paper. Then they think about
    Putting themselves in Anas place.

    There are so many guys that probably can be just as assertive as he is but guess what…
    They work in target. Can’t go get fucked on a private jet to Tahiti making minimum wage now can we? The problem is the women are going to be expecting their next boyfriend to be successful like him and handsome tall etc, maybe not billionaire rich but you get the idea. Their emotions and imaginations are going to run too wild and once again logical rational thought and understanding is going to escape them.

  • BillK

    It all depends on the woman.

    Sure, some want to be “led,” but others will decide for themselves if they like what the guy is leading them to and will tell them what to do if they don’t.

    Example “You’ve GOT to see this band!”

    Response here – “He’s leading, he’s being a man!”

    Typical response from female friends “No, I don’t like that band. Have fun on your own.”