What To Say AFTER Your Opening Line…

I rarely post articles from other people, especially from other men BUT I thought you would really get value of what this guy has to say. The guy I’m about to introduce you to  and I, DO NOT see eye … keep reading

“I NEED SPACE” Defined and Decoded

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How To Be A Leader And Turn A Woman On

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Do Women Have Impossible Dating Standards?

Here’s a question from Joe: “Hey Marni, I don’t know if you ever saw the move Up in the Air, but there is a scene in which Anna Kendrick’s character talks about what she wants in a guy. I feel … keep reading

Conversation Threading: Tool For Keeping Conversation Going

Question from Bill: “Marni, after watching your O.S.A video I have become a master at starting conversations with women. But now I have another problem with keeping the conversation going.  After about 2 back and forth’s with a woman, I … keep reading

Lessons on How To Be A Bad Boy

If there’s one thing every guy knows, it’s that women love a bad boy. Nothing shocking about that statement, right? What is shocking however, are the wildly different ideas men and women have about what a bad boy actually is. … keep reading

Killer Responses To Women That Makes Them Attracted To You (3 Examples)

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Can you spot what this guy did wrong? (Part 2) The Answer

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Can you spot what this guy did wrong with this woman on their date? (Part 1)

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Discoveries From Undercover Wing Girl Tinder Experiment (VIDEO)

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