How To Figure Out Your Values

The more you know about you, the more authentic and real you can be. Being authentic and real happens once you open up and start seeing others around you as different instead of wrong. The more that you get to … keep reading

How To Approach Girls At The Gym

How To Easily Start Conversations With Women

Want to know an easy method for starting conversations with women? I call it O.S.A: Observe, Share and Ask. Watch the video below to discover how to use O.S.A to easily approach and start conversations with women. Once you’ve mastered … keep reading

Connect with me INSTANTLY with instantgo!

Hey, check out this way you can talk directly and instantly with me! Connect with me instantly on to ask me any questions about women and get instant advice directly from. Ask me anything and everything. I’ve heard it … keep reading

How To Avoid Being Rejected By Women

You know what sucks for you about being a man? When you’re a man, you can say one thing to a girl and she’ll LOVEEE you for it. But when you the say EXACT SAME WORDS to another girl, this … keep reading

What To Do When You Can’t Perform Sexually

We women have a belief about men and sex.  It may not be correct belief but it’s definitely a strong belief.  We women believe that all men want sex. That men just want sex and nothing else. That most of … keep reading

How To Write The Perfect 1st Text To A Woman

Picture this scenario: You meet a cute woman, hit it off, swap numbers and agree to go out sometime. But after you text her she seems to disappear off the face of the earth… never to be heard from again. … keep reading

Example of How To Flirt (Part 2)

Because soooooo many guys loved the blog I put up last week with lessons on how to flirt and banter that included a video of what it looks like to be a master flirt…. I decided I’d send you another … keep reading

How To Banter and Flirt (video example included)

**Video example from the Adjustment Bureau is at the bottom of this post Do you know how flirt and banter? I’m asking this because knowing how to flirt and banter are essentials in today’s dating world. Almost all the women … keep reading

How To Develop Your Dating Skills And Become Great With Women

Marni’s Interview with Elite Man Magazine: In today’s episode Marni joins elite man magazine and talks all about how single men can learn the skill of being able to meet, attract, and date any woman they want. Marni shares with … keep reading