5 Ways Guys Can Ruin the First Date (And how to save it!)

The other night, my girlfriend Sarah was over at my house, complaining about being single and telling me horrifying stories of just how awful her past few dates have been. “Marni, it’s honestly like men have forgotten how to be … keep reading

How To Get A Girlfriend – Step by Step Instructions (MP3)

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How To Make Women Feel A Primal Attraction To You

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Secrets Of Creating Sizzling Sexual Tension With Women

If you had to choose only one thing you could make a woman feel to guarantee she wants to sleep with you, sexual tension would have to be at the top of the list. Take it from me, we LOVE … keep reading

How To Cure Oneitis

Many of you did not get a chance to listen to Kristen and me LIVE last week on iHeart Radio… So I asked the program director for a special favor.  I asked him to give me an MP3 copy of … keep reading

What To Say AFTER Your Opening Line…

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“I NEED SPACE” Defined and Decoded

So what do girls really mean when they say they “need space” from you. Oy! This is when girls can get really annoying… Because sometimes when us girls say we need space it’s because we actually want to get some … keep reading

How To Be A Leader And Turn A Woman On

So a little background on the story line of clip you are about to watch.  The clip below is taken from a show that was on ABC Family (I know, I know, I watch cheesy TV) called Greek. The guy … keep reading

Do Women Have Impossible Dating Standards?

Here’s a question from Joe: “Hey Marni, I don’t know if you ever saw the move Up in the Air, but there is a scene in which Anna Kendrick’s character talks about what she wants in a guy. I feel … keep reading

Conversation Threading: Tool For Keeping Conversation Going

Question from Bill: “Marni, after watching your O.S.A video I have become a master at starting conversations with women. But now I have another problem with keeping the conversation going.  After about 2 back and forth’s with a woman, I … keep reading