How This Guy Joined The Mile High Club

Quick heads up, I’ll be heading to Hawaii for a couple of weeks BUT you will still be hearing from me.  I’ll just be responding while sitting on the beach in my bikini, basking in the sun 😉 I wanted … keep reading

NEWS: Ask Women Podcast Joins Playboy Radio

I have a big announcement…. And obviously from the title of this blog, I’m pretty sure you can guess what it is. NO, I didn’t pose naked for playboy ;-)BUT my podcast, The Ask Women Podcast has been acquired by … keep reading

What Attracts Women To Men

I’m doing a little research project with a couple of other women. We’re conducting a survey of both men and women to discover what attracts women to men. The other day, I sent out an email to all my Wing … keep reading

How To Make Women Think You Are Interesting

Hope you had a great Halloween weekend!! I wish I could tell you countless tales of my awesome weekend but sadly I caught a gross bug on Friday that kept me in bed all weekend BUT I would still love … keep reading

Where To Take Women On Dates

See My Fun Date Ideas At The Bottom of This Post Coming up with fun and original date ideas can be tough. right?? I mean, how many times can you take a woman rock climbing or to your favorite little … keep reading

Female Eye Contact Decoded: First Sign She’s Into You

I get a message like this every day “Marni, What does it look like when a woman is attracted to you and wants you to come approach her?” It looks like this: (press play and watch) It has taken me … keep reading

Episode 120: Avoiding The Friend Zone and Becoming A Sexual Man

OMG episode 120!!!! That’s just nuts.  I can’t believe we have been doing the Ask Women Podcast for 120 episodes. Before I tell you about what you’ll be getting from this week’s download… I wanted to take a second to: … keep reading

Best Dating Apps 2015

It’s 2015 and if you are not using at least ONE dating app then you, my friend, are not only an old fuddy-duddy BUT you are also missing out on countless opportunities to meet, date and “get to know” awesome … keep reading

Can You Date Women At Work?

The office can present a great opportunity for you to find someone who shares many interests, so I say never leave this prospective dating pool untapped. But remember; you need to handle the good, the bad and even the ugly … keep reading

Top Tips For Taking A Good Dick Pic

If you are single and dating today… then most likely you are going to come up against this modern dilemma… Do I send a woman a dick pic?… And if I do… What is the best pic to send????!!! Hey, … keep reading