Ask Women Podcast Episode 111: Misconceptions Women Have About Men That Are Ruining Your Dating Life

I’ve heard this statement time and time again: “women have it sooooo much easier. They just have to walk into a room and pick the guy they want.” But is that really true?? Is it REALLY easier for women to … keep reading

How to Act like a Bad Boy but Actually Be Good

How to Act like a Bad Boy but Actually Be Good (Or what I like to call:  Learning from Fifty Shades of Grey*) So, is there an art to shedding the “nice guy” moniker in a woman’s eyes? Absolutely! What … keep reading

How To Influence Girls and Make Them Like You

The Field Guide To Building A Cult Or Connecting With Women All the way back in 1936, a book was published that would affect the future in ways the author most likely never saw coming. Warren Buffett (who’s worth $72.3 … keep reading

5 Reasons Why Hot Women LOVE Nerds

I rarely have guest writers on my blog, especially male writers BUT I had to post this blog. It’s written by an Anonymous Silicon Valley Founder and self proclaimed, nerd. I fully agree and endorse all that is said in this … keep reading

What Does Being A Nice Guy Actually Mean?

What Does Being a Nice Guy Actually Mean? Are you the nice guy? Do you constantly let her have her way? Do you go out of your way to please her? Does every relationship you have end with the F-Word … keep reading

Take Advantage of Me??

How many times have you wished you could go back in time? Maybe you screwed up with a girl. Said the wrong thing. Everything falling apart and you wish you could just take it all back. How much would you … keep reading

Guys almost never do this (but women LOVE it!)

“What would happen if he said THAT to you as he went in for the kiss?” I asked. “OMG… I would love that.” they said in rapid succession, bursting at the seams. I was sort of amazed at how much … keep reading

#1 Place To Meet Women: The Grocery Store

Want to know the #1 Place to meet women that, I guarantee, most men are tapping into?? It’s the grocery store!!!!  I swear. My new Wing Girl, Alex, explains why.  Read on…. The Untapped Dating Potential of a Grocery Store … keep reading

What Women Are Looking For On A First Date

You go on a first date. Do everything right. You make her laugh. You touch her just the right way and she seems to be touching back. The date ends and you are 100% sure that there will be a … keep reading

Weird “flip switch” in women’s brains that make them crave you [Part 3/3]

Over the past 2 days we’ve covered so many things: The difference between Mr. Creep and the type of guy who women find irresistible How to make your intentions known without being awkward and creepy How to set yourself apart … keep reading