Cheap Date Ideas

I found this great image that had a list of 30 cheap date ideas.  Dating does not have to put you in the poor house. Not attracting enough women to even go on dates? I can help with that!  Read … keep reading

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

I get that in today’s “Harvey Weinstein” climate, you want to be extra cautious before you make any moves. But if you’re goal is simply to ask a girl out or for her number… and not asking her to get … keep reading

Why women talk about this ex & What To Do About It

Have you ever been hanging out with a girl… even one you are not dating, but hoping to one day date… and she brings up her ex?? And you wonder to yourself “why the hell is she bringing up another … keep reading

Effects Of Porn On The Male Brain (How Porn Hurts Your Dating Life)

I watch porn!!!!!  This should not a be shock to you cause I talk about it all the time on my podcast Ask Women.  I watch porn, I like porn, I learn new things every time and I watch and … keep reading

What To Get Her For the Holidays: Ideas For Every Level of Dating

Christmas is right around the corner and if you haven’t started thinking about gifts for the woman in your life, you are already WAY behind. Which is why when I got this email from Franchesco I knew I immediately had … keep reading

Good Ice Breakers and Questions To Ask Women

Here is the list of great ice breaks and questions to ask women that I spoke about on my podcast (Ask Women Podcast Listen Here).  The list is from an article written by: Darrah Brustein a writer for Forbes. I … keep reading

How To Figure Out Your Values

The more you know about you, the more authentic and real you can be. Being authentic and real happens once you open up and start seeing others around you as different instead of wrong. The more that you get to … keep reading

How To Approach Girls At The Gym

How To Easily Start Conversations With Women

Want to know an easy method for starting conversations with women? I call it O.S.A: Observe, Share and Ask. Watch the video below to discover how to use O.S.A to easily approach and start conversations with women. Once you’ve mastered … keep reading

Connect with me INSTANTLY with instantgo!

Hey, check out this way you can talk directly and instantly with me! Connect with me instantly on to ask me any questions about women and get instant advice directly from. Ask me anything and everything. I’ve heard it … keep reading

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