How To Do O.S.A: Tool For Starting Effortless Conversations With Women

I talk about O.S.A all the time. On my podcast, in my products, with my clients… But I realize that you still may be getting stuck on how to do O.S.A. Which is why, I made this video I’ve posted … keep reading

Ep. 209 How To Be Charming and Seductive With Women

What the hell does it mean to be charming and how exactly does one become charming? You see tons of other men charming the pants off of other women (literally) but you just can’t seem to do it yourself. This … keep reading

How To Start Conversations Anywhere (Video Demonstration)

If there’s one thing any man can do to dramatically improve his dating and sex life, it’s meeting more women. Even if you know nothing else about attracting women, just the fact that you’re constantly meeting new women puts you … keep reading

Do Women Only Want Good Looking Guys? Do Looks Matter To Women?

One of my readers recently wrote in asking for my thoughts about an article he came across. It was a Tinder case study done by a guy who set up a fake profile using pictures of a male model. He … keep reading

Video: How To Ask A Girl Out You’re Talking To Online

Check out new video on my youtube channel Stuck in a pen pal circle with a girl you’re talking to online? Then watch this video. Marni explains exactly how to ask a girl out that your talking to online. Dont … keep reading

Ep. 208 How To Make A Good First Impression On Women

Heads up, this episode was recorded out of studio in Marni’s kitchen so the quality may not be 100% great but the content is awesome. This week we dive into what you can do to make a great first impression … keep reading

Why The Assumptive Close Works With Women

If we’ve known each other for a while, you may be surprised to hear this BUT… …I’ve been having a long-time love affair. Before you get your boxers in a twist, just hold on a sec. It’s not what you … keep reading

Ask Women Podcast Ep. 207: How To Select The Right People To Date & Avoid The Crazy’s

Is the person your dating the right person for you?  Do they share your values? Are they a drain on your emotions and energy? Are they a psychopath??  These are important things to know before you get to deep into … keep reading

[Video] 13 Signs She’s Flirting WIth You & Signs She’s Not (Part 2)

Check out new video on my youtube channel Marni breaks down 13 signs she’s flirting with you and the signs that she’s not. This will make your life with women SOOOOO much easier because you’ll know instantly if she’s into … keep reading

Ask Women Podcast Ep. 206: What Women Want From Men

It will help us make our show better for you 🙂 What the hell are women looking for in a man? What do we find attractive, what turns us off and what makes us want to you over other men? … keep reading

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