Why Knowing How To Touch A Woman Is So Important

I have to tell you that, as a woman, there is NOTHING better than a man touching me in the right place, at the right time in just the right way…I want to share a story with you. It’s about … keep reading

Why Women Are So Mean & How To Turn Things Around (Podcast)

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Best Line To Use If You Get Rejected By A Woman Online

***UPDATE ON THIS BLOG AVAILABLE BELOW I just got an email from Don, who is one of my clients that is part of my email coaching group…. And I instantly thought “I have to share this with you” because it … keep reading

How To Escalate Attraction Over Text Message To Get The Date

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What Makes A Woman Hot For You

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“New Year, New You!” That’s How the Saying Goes Right?

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What Women Say When Men Aren’t Around

What a BITCH!!! Is exactly what I’m guessing you’ll think about me once you read this blog… BTW – I’m still in freezing cold (and now snowy) Chicago for the holidays. Which means I am stuck in doors because I … keep reading

10 Tips Tor Finding Your Next Winter Romance

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7 Best Resources For Getting And Keeping A Woman

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How To Go From Friend To Lover In 3 Easy Steps

I’m not going to start off this blog with a fluffy intro that talks about the pain you feel from having a woman in your life that you DESPERATELY want to more from but just can’t seem to make it … keep reading