Effortless Approach O.S.A : A Tool That Helps You Start Conversations With Women

Have you ever heard me talk about O.S.A before? I mention it constantly on The Ask Women Podcast and most of my programs discuss it in full length.

O.S.A is The Wing Girl Method’s, method for starting conversations with women.

It’s a tool I created about 7 years ago that has helped 10’s of 1000’s of men effortlessly approach women and start great conversations with women that create attraction and connection.

7 Years ago, after attending a bootcamp of another coach, I finally realized the types of conversation starters I most responded to from men.  When men talked to me as if they already knew me and jumped right into conversation instead of going through a bunch of formalities, I responded more openly, more often and I was more interested in what they had to say.

It made conversation flow much easier because I felt as if I knew the guy that had started talking to me.

Once I realized this, I talked to other women about it and they all agreed that when being hit on or approached or picked up, this type of conversation starter was what they responded to most as well.

So I created a formula for it so that you could use it when talking to women for the first time.

Watch this video on O.S.A and then start using it. I promise you’ll notice a difference in the way people and WOMEN respond to you.

I’ll be putting out another video shortly on how to practice O.S.A so that it becomes your automated way of talking to women.

If you don’t want to wait for the next video to come out then you can check out How To Become A Man Women Want. In section 3, I go into full detail on WHY O.S.A works, how to use it properly and what to say next after you’ve opened her up and got her talking.

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  • mshootz

    If ya ask me, stick to the regular vids or re-edit the sound–fingernails on a chalk board, and the animation made your boobs look way too small. But the method is spot on–use it all the time.

  • Dub Pool

    I like the video. BTW The profile picture is my mom and I last Christmas.

  • Murat

    its good to make an observation (cold reading as well) but however I dont ask her personal questions,, also questions that are answered with yes or no … I would first tell her a funny , adventoursu story and secondly usually ask questions such as ” what s your biggest secret from your parents” .. and keep on challenging and being awesome and than take her to an instant date

  • lnnn

    It looks like you’re on the beavis and butthead couch 😉