Why are women attracted to rock stars?

Why are women attracted to rock stars?

Don’t you just hate that guy at the front of the stage? Or the one thrashing chords out on the guitar?

You know! The guy that every woman in the room has her eye on?

Rock stars are such an aphrodisiac to women ; that I thought I’d ask a woman who knows them really well exactly what makes the front man of a band so irresistible.

Lorraine Lewis (The Original Femme Fatale & 80’s rock star) is a reformed rock chick who’s interacted with the celebrity world for years: and knows a thing or two about rock stars’ flirting techniques! In fact, she is the producer of a new show all about the wives of rock stars.

With her expert opinion we discuss what qualities make rock stars attractive (and how EVERY guy can become just as magnetic).

Turns out the qualities she really connects with, and digs, may not be the ones you thought! And as we delve a little deeper, including two role plays of guys trying to pick her up: even Lorraine discovers that what she thought was attractive changes!

For the first time ever, I was surprised by a woman’s response during an interview.

Here are a few of things we discussed:

– Why did she fall for the bad boy?

– What is it about rock stars that women find attractive?

– Can a non rock star type send the same vibe to a woman?

– What makes a woman want to engage in conversation with a man?

– The right way to touch a woman and not be creepy

– How to approach a woman and create an instant attraction

So if you want to get beyond the answers women normally give you as to what they’re looking for: and into the real secrets behind attraction, then take a listen to a portion of our interview:


Want to hear the full 33 minute interview with Lorraine?

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  • Serginho

    There is of course a simple answer. Rock stars have sociopathic tendencies, and a substantial portion of any given female population find such tendencies attractive.

    It is not that scientific.

  • Kevin

    Well if you’ve ever seen the Pamela & Tommy Lee Sex tape….You’ll see why chick are into rock stars! LOL I know that’s not true but it’s funny.

  • Wesley

    Uh they sell out shows (money) all women want and live for someone with money.
    High chance of becoming a celebrity or seen with one…increases social value and makes other women jealous.

  • Alexander López

    I hate how the guitar player or the singer gets the girls. Especially since I’m the bass player… 😀

    • Dave

      At least you aren’t the drummer. 🙂

  • Dave

    It’s not the money.

    I’ve been involved with the music business off and on. Back in the early days of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, etc., most musicians, like professional athletes, didn’t make a lot of money,

    A 45 rpm vinyl record retailed for about 99 cents. (Funny, but the price of a single recording hasn’t changed much! The cost of a digital download is almost zero.)

    About 45 cents went to the distributor and the retailer. If you pressed 500,000 or more records at the same time (not common) , the cost was about 15 cents each. Otherwise, it could be as high as 20 cents or more.

    The song writer got about 5 cents per record. That left about 25 cents to be split (more or less equally) between the music company and the band. If there were five members per band, most of the time, each got about 2 cents per record. (If the song was written by members of the band, those members split the 5 cents for the song writer.)

    Concert tickets cost about $15, give or take. While the hottest 1-2 acts of that year got a little more, most of the time, after expenses and the promoter’s cut, the members of the band were lucky, if each got more than 50 cents or so per ticket.

    The money wasn’t there back then – but the girls (including groupies) were!

    Now, the big money is in the concert tours.