Why Women Are So Mean & How To Turn Things Around (Podcast)

Did you hear about that # on twitter where women were submitted suggestions on how to waste a man’s time????  For a couple of weeks it was just about everywhere. I’ve actually posted a few samples of tweets from the article at the bottom of this post.

I had 4 clients send it to me with their own hash tags of things like #WTF and #thisiswhyIdontdate.  I even had one guy wrote me and say that articles like this paralyze him and make him wonder if there is even a point to getting out there and approaching women.  He says it’s lose lose.

That broke my heart to hear 🙁

I myself was disgusted and ashamed by my gender when I read this article.  In fact, I even wrote a comment, which I rarely do.  That’s how emotionally charged up I was.

Whether or not you read this article, you’ll get to hear all about it on this weeks episode of the Ask Women Podcast.

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The beautiful Maria Tornberg and Talented musician Jason, Charles Miller from God Head, join us for a round table to discuss:

1. Why this # was so popular and why women felt the need to participate

2. How an ugly musician can get any girl he wants on stage but NONE offstage

3. What it means to be a gentleman and what modern women want

4. How to respond to women when they don’t like how you act in a way that makes them like you more

And so much more!!!

Just in case you do want to read that hashtag article I’ve posted it a few examples of tweets below.

I suggest you read them before listening to this weeks podcast 🙂

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Here Is  A Blurb From The Article:

Women Are Destroying Men on Twitter With #WasteHisTime2016

Women are not playing this year, at least not the ones using #WasteHisTime2016 on Twitter today.

The trending hashtag has women devising some savagely evil ways to waste a man’s time, break his spirit and basically, according to some women, do what dirtbag men have been doing to women for years, decades, centuries.

As Redditor TurnDownForWhat put it, “Here it is gentlemen, the emphatical proof that: Yes they know what they’re doing and No they don’t give a fiddlers f***!”

Here’s a taste:

I’d love to hear what you think about this article and what we said on this weeks podcast!!  Please leave your comments below. 🙂

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  • TanMan

    Really don’t see what the fuss is. There will always be timewasters around and if a woman wants to mess men about then they are surely messed up in their head to think that all men are same so they can take it out on some random guy! There are good women out there who understand that not all men are the same and vice versa. Those are the one a real man should be looking for. That’s what separates men from boys.

    • Lee

      TanMan, awesome response. Some bad apples shouldn’t ruin the bunch. If there are women out there that like this kind of stuff, they may not be who we are looking for. You get back what you put out there. Certainly plenty of women who love men, and they are the ones that make me glad I learn what I do from Marni and so many others.

      • TanMan

        You and I both know that there are good women out there and we will only date them. Because we are good men who know how to treat a woman right. Like attracts like, as they say!

  • Eric

    I don’t see what the fuss is, either. These are examples of biting satire, from women’s point of view. They’re also what are commonly called “shit-tests,” which women use to test men. What’s needed is a sense of humor, an element sorely missing in a lot of modern life. The whole reason that humans have evolved the sense of humor, which is probably unique to humans, is to promote the welfare of the primitive tribe. One function of humor is to modify objectionable behavior of members of the tribe who step out of line by means of ridicule. The ridicule bites and gets them back into line. Alternatively, the supposedly out-of-step member who disregards the ridicule/shit-test, impresses everybody else and becomes the new, innovative leader, who explains his reasons for stepping out of line and how his new ideas can benefit the tribe, rather than harm it, as the other, non-innovative members initially thought it would. Thus, progress marches on. Far from collapsing in shock at these jibes, one should take them in stride, consider them, be alert for them and innovate with fresh rejoinders. For starters, one might ridicule the illiterate grammar in some of two messages. “Tell him you was sleep.” “Wait until he catches feelings.” Chortle, chortle, chortle.

    • Bob

      I agree….I frequently go back to our tribal origins when things get weird. Team sports are a substitute today. Nobody was happy when the hunters came back empty-handed (team lost)….At least now we don’t starve….Also it’s easy to be an internet commando….should any of these things actually happen you should laugh and say “thanks for the heads up on your character flaws….”