6 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

If there’s one thing that women are a lot better at than men, it’s reading signals.

We’re very aware of what someone is trying to communicate without just focusing on the words they use.

And since most communication is non-verbal, this is super important to know how to do!

Now, as a Wing Girl I’ve obviously got a lot of experience doing this. But even for the average woman out there this is a skill that comes quite naturally.

And because of that, many women assume men must know how to easily read signals as well.

But that’s often not the case, and I’ve seen countless guys get labelled as creepy by women simply because they can’t decipher the signs that she’s sending.

Check out the videos below where I go into more detail on this, including the 6 signs we’ll send a guy to let him know we’re not into him.

Now think back to the last few women you talked to where it didn’t turn out that great.

Were any of them sending these signals to say they weren’t interested?

Did you pick up on them or did they slip right by you?

If you’re not taking these hints then that’s when women are going to see you as clueless, and possibly creepy, like I explained in the video above.

Here’s the good news though: It’s not that hard to decode a woman’s signals and understand what it is we’re trying to communicate to you.

All you need is a woman who speaks this unspoken language every day to break it down for you and show you what to be on the lookout for.

That’s why I’ve developed The Chicktionary, a manual that simplifies everything we women say and do into plain terms that are easy for men to understand.

Not only will you discover all the signs that a woman isn’t into you, but you’ll discover the subtle differences between when she wants you, when she’s testing you and when she’s playing hard to get.

You can get more details on what’s included and see how to pick up a copy by clicking on this link here.

The Chick-Tionary: A Compilation of The Most Misunderstood Words and Phrases in The Female Language Translated and Decoded For Men


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