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Effects Of Porn On The Male Brain (How Porn Hurts Your Dating Life)

I watch porn!!!!!  This should not a be shock to you cause I talk about it all the time on my podcast Ask Women.  I watch porn, I like porn, I learn new things every time and I watch and … keep reading

3 Porn Myths That Are Hurting Your Sex Life PLUS 1 Awesome Bedroom Trick

WARNING: This post includes sexually explicit content that may make you uncomfortable. This post is for all the people out there who believe Porn is the be all and end all when it comes to sexual instruction.  When in fact, … keep reading

How To Make Any Woman Comfortable Being Naked With You

Believe it or not, but most of us women aren’t 100% confident with our bodies. Even if you think we look sexy as hell, we’ll be aware of different flaws or parts of our bodies we don’t like. That means … keep reading

What To Say & Do If You Lose Your Erection During Sex

Have you ever lost your erection while having sex with a woman?  Don’t worry, I’m not about to start pushing Viagra on you. The reason I’m bringing up this topic is that I know losing an erection can be a … keep reading

How To Pleasure A Woman: Sex Advice For Men From A Lesbian

Want advice on how to pleasure a woman??  Then you gotta go to the source to get real tips and sex advice!  Which is why I asked Jess the lesbian to give you her best tips on how to pleasure … keep reading

Getting Sexual Via Text

Today I want to talk a little bit about getting sexual via text, or “Sexting” as the kids are calling it these days. In his new book “Text 2 Sex,” Race de Priest breaks down all his greatest techniques to … keep reading

Porn vs. Real Sex

So I’ve kind of had a rough day that I want to vent about. I’ve had to go and see 3 Dr.’s today. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that serious but in all honesty it’s been a scary, tough day for … keep reading

When Is It Okay To Talk Dirty To A Woman?

When is it okay to talk dirty to a woman? This is an area that has been fascinating me for the past week after getting an email from one of my clients, who I will refer to as D. Email: … keep reading

Marni Recommends: Top Resources For 2014

I want you to be as ready for 2014 as possible which is why I have put together a list of my top resources YOU NEED to get, to start 2014 off right! You probably see a lot of information … keep reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ask Women Podcast Starts Next Week

I have some really big news!!! Big news that I may have mentioned to you before but now it’s actually happening. I am finally doing a Podcast and I am so excited about it. Me and 3 other amazing, intelligent … keep reading

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