How To Make Women Comfortable With Sex

Yesterday I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger on how to build sexual tension…

If you haven’t checked the blog out yet, I suggest you find it because it was gold. (Click here to read it)

Before I get to part 2, I’m going to tell a story about myself.  You may have heard this story, but it’s a great story with an awesome lesson:

This may come as no surprise to most of you but growing up most of my friends were guys.

Being considered “one of the guys”, I would hear all about their conquests and it turned me into a jaded PRUDE.

I didn’t want to become like the girls I’d heard about, that were being taken advantage of and then tossed aside because they weren’t “girlfriend material”.

I was terrified and I put a “barrier up” that no one could break through.

Until I met this one guy who unleashed the sexual beast within me, the sexual beast that lurks inside of every woman that craves and desires to be let out.

So what did this guy do?

Here goes:

We were making out in the heat of the moment and things were getting more intense.

I was on the verge of pulling away when he stops, puts his hand across from mine and says – “This is my hand… and this is your hand… if you are uncomfortable with ANYTHING I’m doing and want me to stop… just slap my hand.”

And he literally took my hand and made it slap his!

Now this was a MAN. A man who had already proven to be comfortable with himself and completely confident.

A man that I wanted to be with.

And when he said those words to me it made me feel – and here’s the key takeaway – comfortable and secure.

I didn’t feel pressured.

I didn’t feel judged.

And let me tell you something… I didn’t slap his hand ONCE and I went farther with him that night than I had ever gone before.

All because he did something that most men ignore because they’re too scared of being rejected so they go in, guns blazing.

In fact, I’ve been with other men who either get frazzled if I get uncomfortable and pull away.

OR…  they completely ignore my discomfort and push themselves on me further, which makes me pull even further away and view them in a negative light.

If you’ve properly built attraction and she’s feeling you, and then out of the blue it seems like she’s rejecting you when you try to take things to the next level…

9 times out of 10 it’s because you didn’t put her in a comfortable state where she felt secure, comfortable and completely free of judgement.

It’s that simple.

So other than using the “hand-slapping,” which I think is pure gold by the way… because it worked on yours truly, obviously…

Another tip I would give you is advance things sexually in baby steps.

Ease her into things.

Let her know that you’re taking the lead but she’s the one with the foot on the gas pedal.

You’ll go as fast she wants you to go.

Think of a suave James Bond versus a frat boy rushing to get his jollies off.

Do you see the difference?

I would LOVE to hear what you think about what I’ve said in this blog.  Do you agree, disagree? Have you tried doing this with women? What were the results?

Just comment below and let me know!

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