For nearly a decade, Marni has been earning the trust of men all over the world looking to transform their lives with women.  Join the thousands of men who have found new success with women!

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#1 Ultimate Success Story – Our First Marriage

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Randy was a client of mine in 2007.  He came to me as a 32 year old virgin and within 1 year he had met and married the women of his dreams.  Click Play and watch his story.

Client 2007: Two-On-One Wing Girl Outing

Paron – 41 Year Old “Nice Guy” That Can Now Get The Girl

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Paron was your typical “Nice Guy” that women are never attracted to.  He and I worked together a few times and concentrated on the way he presents himself to women.  He is now a proud Nice Guy who not only gets the girls but also gets their respect.

Client 2007: Two-On-One Wing Girl Outing

Michael – The 42 year old Obsessed with Looks Transformed

The message that I would want to get out to each and every guy is that your key to success lies in your personality and attitude. Often I have guys coming up to me to tell me they wish they were as tall as I am. Why?– because they think height is what turns women on. I asked a couple of guys in the gym why they used steroids–because they think girls like guys with big muscles and a nice physique. I know guys who buy or lease cars they really can’t afford. Why? because they think fancy cars will attract women. Sure maybe some women, but definitely not the type you’d want for the long haul. Certainly having a nice face, good height and physique, and adequate disposable income might put you a few steps of the average guy in both life and love, but as you have emphasized it is qualities of personality and character that women cherish most in a man.

I have asked wives of my friends what attracted them to their husbands and not one of them mentioned a physical trait –it was more his passion, ambition, optimism or sense of humor. This is the great message the Wing Girls should put out from sea to shining sea. It is very sad that there are loads of guys out there who talk themselves out of approaching women because they think they don’t measure up to some perceived standard. I wish I had a dime for every time a woman told me things like ” I don’t understand it Mike, you are nice looking, well built and intelligent–my mind tells me I should be attracted to you, and yet you just don’t do anything for me” But it took Marni finally to tell me she finds me attractive, but that the dreaded wuss factor kicked in and that is the kiss of death for building attraction. It was working through that issue that finally unplugged the dam for me. Your suggestion that I take women off their pedestals was the best.


– Michael
Client 2009: Transformational In Person Coaching Session

Mike – The Boy Who Became A Man

Mike first came to meet as a complete lover of love.  Unfortunately he was also extremely needy, dependent and unable to find emotional control with women.  Over a year later Mike finds himself in a new role, leading man!  He is now able to approach, meet, date and seduce the women he wants. He does not let women choose him or crave their approval anymore.  He chooses who he wants, leads women in the direction he wishes and no longer feels needy of women. Listen to his story:


Client 2009: 1 on 1 Phone Session

I do want to thank you for your phone coaching and making time for a 6 week touch point last week. This past Sunday, I went out with the 4th girl that I’ve met since our coaching wrapped up and we continue to hit it off. I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical of phone coaching initially, but I have to give you credit for your remarkable ability to identify & correct the subtleties that were holding me back. The exercises we worked on really bolstered my confidence, and I’ve shaken most of the nervousness that was sending bad signals. I honestly didn’t think the improvements would come as quickly as they did. Meeting people face-to-face, being in control of the situation, and most importantly – having FUN at it has been a refreshing change for me.
– Geoff, 32
Client 2009: 1 on 1 Phone Session

Your dating advice is right on the money. In my opinion, it is better than that many of the more popular dating gurus, eg TMM, David D, etc.I have taken a bootcamp with TMM and have read countless numbers of David D’s emails. TMM teaches outer game whereas DD teaches how to make sarcastic comments which often come across as immature and childish. The key to getting – and keeping – a woman is to be a MAN – confident, on his own path, have goals, ambitions and have your own fun, interesting life that makes you happy and one that women would WANT to be part of. This cannot be possible without solid inner game. Outer game is simply a reflection of inner game.

I think you are striving to teach that men be men.

– Mark

Success Story
I met a girl last night and we went home and immediately got into a deep conversation and connected. IT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED if i hadn’t known how to say :”HI, my name is tony” Cause I never knew what else to say! ONE week after you and this!! Can I meet you just so I can give you a huge hug?? LOL. Thank you marni.

– Anthony, 24
Client 2009: 1 on 1 Phone Session

Your instruction has been among the most valuable I have had the pleasure of receiving in a long time. As such, I have been able to reach a place where I can move forward under my own power. The experiences I have had with what I have learned has given me some great sometimes downright hilarious stories which I use to both practice storytelling and to get a good laugh out of people.

– Stewart, 23
Client 2008: Two-On-One Wing Girl Outing

Really good that there’s women like you out there willing to help guys get better & give some free advice like you have- I’ll be recommending you. If you ever come back over here let me know & i’ll get you a drink for the free advice!
– Chad
Client 2009: Virtual Wing Girl Subscription

I took your advice on the glasses, because I don’t have insurance coverage for new frames I switched back to contacts. On jeans, again, $200 is a lot right now, but definitely when I get a job I can go that route, but at the very least in the mean time I can make sure my next purchase of cheaper jeans are more towards a lighter shade of blue. As for earth tone clothes, that I have done, and I removed the facial hair, reluctantly. I thought having no goatee would make me look much younger, but after 3 years, I guess it was just plain different, and the results are tangible. I’ve gotten more eye contacts on the sidewalk than ever before. Thank you for all your help. I’m surprise at how quickly this is all happening to me.
-Jack 27
Client 2009: Analysis Of Pick Up Style & Technique

Wow, thanks for the tips on my appearance, I appreciate you going to that length of detail. So far I feel like I have made a very good investment. Looking back to the middle of last November, there is no way I would have done anything close to what I’ve been doing recently.

– Chad
Client 2009: Analysis Of Pick Up Style & Technique


This truly was a different kind of adventure for me and I loved every minute of it…including how exhausted I was at the end of the night and the countless times my heart rate went over 100.In several previous emails, I talked about being tired, stagnant and the feeling that I had hit a plateau. The little tweaks you suggested, making me rehearse on you during the day and then again at night, being able to bounce different ideas off the both of you, getting immediate feedback right after an approach, discussing different strategies of increasing attraction and then actually trying them out…..these were the little things that I needed to hear and make myself do.

I realize that “the game” isn’t for everyone. You need the right perspective and you have to have a really thick skin. And it doesn’t matter how good a coach I might have (shameless plug), it really comes back to how comfortable I am with myself and how much I believe in the product I’m selling (namely me). Without explicitly saying it, you’ve hinted that it’s not about the lines or the tricks, it’s about the will…the confidence…who’s reality is stronger right?

I really appreciate the comments in your email. Confidence is contagious and your belief in me is making me believe in turn. Interestingly enough, club game is definitely not the brick wall I thought it to be. I feel like so many possibilities are just beginning to open up. The journey’s just getting started…
-Ian 29
Client 2008: Two-On-One Wing Girl Outing & 1 on 1 Phone Session

If I didn’t mention before, I’m really excited to be working with you…definitely glad I made that call to you several weeks ago.
-Brad 35
Client 2008: 1 on 1 Phone Session

Hey Marni,

Thank you so much for the Seminar yesterday, it was very well presented with valuable information. Though, I am surprised there were no refreshments I was prepared to enjoy an evening having Chardonnay, but oh well 🙂

So just wanted to say thank you, unfortunately at this time I don’t think I am ready for that kind of investment. I think I will stick to the current steps I have taken towards my goals and see where they lead me. If in the few coming months I feel that I need some extra help, I would inquire your qualified self for support.

Lastly I wanted to comment a little on you, though I felt you were a bit nervous at the start, I was very impressed with you as a person. Your down to Earth and humble personality was really refreshing to see, and a huge oddity in a community run rampant by one upmanship. I was half expecting you to be an arrogant B**ch, but I was very happy to find you very relateable and someone who wanted to understand what it is like for us guys.

I once again wanted to thank you and your friends for the valuable education, last night.-Sal
Client 2009: Toronto Seminar

I agree that the session was awesome. I gained a lot of new insight from our discussions and I thought your energy was really infectious…the combination of our talk and your email gave me a lot of confidence when I went out dancing last night. I’m very impressed with how you want updates on my daily trials and your offer to help with the — situation.
-George 37
Client 2009: 1 on 1 Phone Session

I want to thank you again for these sessions. I’m getting insight from you that I can’t really get from anyone else. –Also, the format–we are correcting my sticking points in the moment, as they are uncovered, because you are so good at targeting them and knowing what needs to be done to fix them.

This is so much better than throwing $2500 + plane + hotel at a workshop that might or might not help me! I was already suffering from information overload as is.

So what I am trying to say is how much I appreciate our coaching sessions. And I have been practicing what we have been talking about.
– Mike
Client 2009: 1 on 1 Phone Session

When I first started out trying to figure how to approach, attract and ultimately seduce the opposite sex, I quickly became overwhelmed by the mountain of different methods and techniques out there, and more than a little confused by the often contradictory advice!
Furthermore my crippling approach anxiety prevented me from even getting to the point of trying any of it out; the only advice I seemed to get from my peers and PUAs was simply to go out and do it! (usually followed by a sales pitch of some kind).

What I needed was a female perspective; more specifically, I needed a female perspective from someone who truely understood both sides of the game.  Luckily I got that and a hell of a lot more with Marni and the WingGirl Method.

After a 1 to 1 phone session where I received advice and guidance that was sensible, no-nonesense, unbaised and tailored specifically for me I was off approaching over the next 5 days… and having fun with it!

Better still was the fact that I received positive feedback and awesome advice throughout that time (and lets face it – most of us guys are motivated by the female species so what better way to keep improving?)

I really feel that, thanks to Marni, my life has taken on a whole new direction and as a result I’ve had and continue to have fantastic opportunities coming my way.

– Steve (UK)

Client 2008: 1 on 1 Phone Session

WING GIRL METHOD! This has been the best Dating and Relationship newsletter I have never received. Am a real Alpha! You are real.That’s making me real too. I have been recommending more to you so far.

You are so lovely and if there was anything that would be greater than a thank you I would do that that’s why I try to refer others to you too.
– Nathan

Client 2008/09: Breaking The Girl Code Newsletters

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