Wing Girl Outing

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ff0000″]”Imagine Having 2 Female Friends (Your Own Wings) Picking Up Women For You”[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

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Sit back and relax as your 2 Wing Girls scan the room and pick up women for you. This is your chance to discover where you are going wrong with women!

Your Wing Girls not only pick up women for you but they also give you first hand, instant feedback on your approach style and attraction level.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish
he will eat for a lifetime.”

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#000000″]How A Two-on-One Outing Works:[/headline_cufon_font_left]

One of our Wing Girls will give you a call to find out more about you. Together you will decide on the proper social location and time to meet at for your outing.

Marni + 1 Wing Girl will meet you at the social location and for the first 30 minutes you will get to know one another, decide on goals and scan the room for targets!

One of your Wing Girls will approach the women you find attractive and bring them to you. When we notice a connection, we back off and let you complete your mission! If there is no connection we help you excuse yourself and move on to the next target.

The best part is that your Wing Girls are also there to give you tips, tools and feedback on your approach. We instantly give feedback on your technique and style and make suggestions on how you can tweak to bring higher success with women.

I guarantee we can pinpoint where you have been going wrong with your current approaches and we will quickly tell you how to change it!

We promise to give an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. From your 3 hours with your Wing Girls you will find out EXACTLY how women are perceiving you and where you have been making huge mistakes in the past that have stopped you from getting the women you want.

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#000000″]Your Two-on-One Wing Girl Outing Includes:[/headline_cufon_font_left]


  • 2o minute consultation with Marni
  • 3 hours at a social location with 2 Wing Girls
  • 2 Wing Girls to accompany to a social location and pick up women for you
  • 2 Wing Girls that validate you to the other women in the room
  • Instant feedback on your current technique and style with women
  • Tips and tools on how to improve your technique and style with women
  • Assessment of your wardrobe
  • Introductions to women at your selected social location
  • 1 Wing Girl who will break the ice with women so you don’t have to. We do your dirty leg work! Sit back and relax.
  • Helping you distinguish who is available and approachable and who is not.
  • Direct female feedback
  • Access to female opinions and insight. Ask us anything
  • Mock pick ups
  • 2 Wing Girls who keep the conversation flowing and get rid of any awkward silences.



Only $895 for 3 hours

with 2 Wing Girls. Guaranteed to change your life forever!

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Only available in Los Angeles but will make special arrangements in other cities.


[testimonial1_arial author=”Michael 45, Client 2009″]“”I have asked wives of my friends what attracted them to their husbands and not one of them mentioned a physical trait –it was more his passion, ambition, optimism or sense of humor. This is the great message the Wing Girls should put out from sea to shining sea. It is very sad that there  are loads of guys out there who talk themselves  out of approaching women because they think they don’t measure up to some perceived standard. I wish I had a dime for every time a woman told me things like ” I don’t understand it Mike, you are nice looking, well built and intelligent–my mind tells me I should be attracted to you, and yet you just don’t do anything for me” But it took Marni finally to tell me she finds me attractive, but that the dreaded wuss factor kicked in and that is the kiss of death for building attraction. It was working through that issue that finally unplugged the dam for me. Your suggestion that I take women off their pedestals was the best.””[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Stewart 23, Client 2008″]“Your instruction has been among the most valuable I have had the pleasure of receiving in a long time. As such, I have been able to reach a place where I can move forward under my own power. The experiences I have had with what I have learned has given me some great sometimes downright hilarious stories which I use to both practice storytelling and to get a good laugh out of people.”[/testimonial1_arial]

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