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What Do I Talk To Women About?

What do I talk to women about? ANYTHING There is no wrong conversation to have with a woman. Well maybe except how you are a big fan of XXX rated porn. But even that, with the right woman, may be … keep reading

How To Tell A Woman Likes You

Learn to spot the subtle signals women give when they are interested in you. keep reading

How To Dress: A Woman’s View On Style (Peacocking)

For those of you not familiar on what “Peacocking” is, it is the action of dressing to stand out, or to have an item of clothing or an accessory that looks interesting, allowing a female to comment on it if … keep reading

Maintaining Conversations With Women

Tips on how to approach women and maintain conversation. keep reading

20 Things That Attract Women

20 Things That Attract Women 1. A man that is a LEADER not a FOLLOWER. 2. Men who are direct and ask for what they want, rather than tippy toeing around it – e.g. If you see a woman you … keep reading