11 Ways To Screw Up A Date

A lot of guys think once they’ve got a girl out on a date, all the hard work is done. That things will just magically work out all by themselves until we end up back in his bed.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is NOT how it works.  “The first date is just the first point to start negotiations “. That was a quote from clueless. Totally girly. Sorry. But it’s true.

That first date, is simply one of the times, both of you get to evaluate whether or not there is something there.  And sadly most guys make 1 or more of the 11 mistakes I’ve listed in my video below and totally mess up that first chance to make a lasting impression.

The first date is not a guaranteed “IN”.

Some male dating coaches say that if we’re on a date with you it’s because we’re interested in sleeping with you.

But a better way to think of it is that we’re on a date with you because we want to FIND OUT if we want to sleep with you!

Our decision could go either way, depending on how things go on the date.

And even though getting this right isn’t rocket science, I’ve pinpointed 11 common mistakes guys make that really screw up the date.

Check out the video below to see how many of them you may currently be making.

If you avoid making these mistakes, your dates will go about ten times better from now on.

One common theme tying many of these together is the lack of effort on the guy’s part.

That could be lack of effort in how he presents himself, the thought he’s put into the date, or simply the effort he puts into making us feel special and appreciated.

Nearly every woman I know has the experience of being on a date with a man who was merely ‘going through the motions’. Because I’ve been a Wing Girl for over a decade, I know that sometimes what seems like lack of interest is actually just nerves and fear of rejection.

BUT most women don’t know that.  They see what is in front of them. And if they see a guy they thought was cute that turns out to be a vacant dud… they have no reason or desire to ever want to see him again.

When we’re on a date with a man who’s really present, who’s giving us the gift of his full attention and masculine energy… a man who acts like a gentleman without being a pushover… that’s when we start feeling weak at the knees and excited to see what comes next.

A.K.A Chemistry!!

If you don’t allow for chemistry on a date. You can kiss that 2nd date goodbye.

IF you are watched the video and were thinking to yourself “I freaking do all that and I still don’t get the 2nd date” then I’m pretty sure that the above issue is what is missing from your dates.

What’s happening is that you are most likely being safe on your dates.  Meaning you guys are connecting and having a good time but there is little flirting, teasing, TOUCHING….  Basically anything that could create a sexual spark and excitement in her.

If that is the case (and usually it is) then I have the perfect thing for you.  It’s my new program called the F Formula which teaches you step by step how to ignite feelings of chemistry, attraction and excitement… instead of “nice”, friend and “just not feeling it”.

Flirting is almost always the missing piece for so many of the guys that I coach. Either they don’t know how to do it OR they don’t know when it’s appropriate. The F Formula answers all these questions AND gives you step by step instructions on how to flirt at every level of your interaction with women.  It’s pretty awesome.


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