What Do Women Find Sexy?

Did you know that for women, the term “sexy” does not have a generic definition? Well, I did.  Which is why UMM Magazine, a  Canadian publication that I write for regularly, asked me to interview women and ask them “What … keep reading

Marni on CP24 Toronto Explains How To Approach Women

Did you know that hosts of morning shows get up at 3am?? Insane right?  Well I got my first lesson in morning show wake up calls this week doing CP24 morning show in Toronto. I had been quite ill the … keep reading

How To Read A Woman’s Body Language

Women are tricky characters BECAUSE they communicate both with their words and their BODY.  Check out this video clip that I took from ABC’s Last Man Standing starring Tim Alan on How Women Communicate.  It will show you something very … keep reading

How To Talk To Women When They Are Acting Crazy – The Dean Blundell Show

In Toronto and was asked to appear on The Dean Blundell Show, 102.1 The EDGE.  I was warned before hand that even though they are a top rated show, the guys are very raunchy.  Either my threshold for Raunchiness is … keep reading

10 Tips for Cuffing Season

Check out my special surprise for you at the bottom of this article!  😉 You’ve chucked out your Halloween party costume (perhaps it wasn’t such a great idea to go dressed as R2D2 after all), you’re fantasizing about Christmas trees … keep reading

Does Real Estate Matter To Women?

Does real estate matter women??  I sat down yesterday with the Founder of BuzzBuzzHome.com Matthew Slutsky (funny name right?) to find out if real estate matters in the world of dating. He asked me these 5 questions to find out … keep reading

What is Chemistry & How Do You Create Chemistry With Women?

Just read a great article on the dating site How About We, on defining that “Chemistry” people want to feel when they meet some.  Very interesting.  Whole article is pasted below Just What The Heck is Chemistry? (Hint: It’s Not … keep reading

How To Break Up With A Woman

My latest video from MSN is about how to break up with someone, without being a dick. Trust me, I know understand how much easier and comfortable it is to avoid a situation and hope for it to go away. … keep reading

Why Pick Up Artists Give Bad Advice

Just when I think I have taken men two steps forward, I get emails like the one below. Emails from guys telling me they have stumbled upon Pick Up Artist materials or advice from a “reputable resource” that their friends … keep reading

How To Pick Up A Waitress – Flirting With Women

She greets you with a huge smile and a wink every week. Only problem is, it’s when you’re ordering your morning coffee. I get tons of emails from guys just like you asking if it is possible to flirt with … keep reading

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