The Secret To Avoiding The Friend Zone With Women

attract women, how to attract women, friend zone, nice guyWhy oh why do you keep ending up in the friend zone? I am sure this is a question you are constantly asking yourself.

Let me try to explain why this keeps happening to you by using an everyday example so that it may be easier for you to understand.

My friend is having a barbecue. There are all kinds of meat on the grill.  Chicken, fish, steak, ribs, everything! I go up to the bbq and say I am so hungry and that looks amazing.  I would love a piece that meat. Can I have the one on the top shelf?

My friend will look to the top shelf and see 10 pieces of meat of all different assortments.  He’ll then look at me and say “which one?” and I will say “the one on the right?”  My friend probably still have be confused about which one on the right I am referring to.

Now what if I were to change the way I was asking for that meat and said “Can you I have that piece of chicken on the top shelf second from the right?”.  BINGO!!! My friend knows instantly what I am asking for, reaches for the chicken and hands it to me.  We are all happy. There is no room for confusion. He knows what I want and can give me exactly what I am asking for.

See where I am going with this?

In my experience as a woman, I have seen many men who tippy toe around asking for what they want with me.  They do this because they don’t think it’s polite to be obvious and let a woman know they are attracted and interested in pursuing.  My assumption is that men also think women are clueless.  Of course we know. As soon as you approach us we know or at least we always assume that is why you are approaching.  We don’t think you are coming over to us at a bar or social location because you REALLY want to tell us about the recent stock market crash or find out our favorite color.  We know and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you are attracted to us, approach us and then be perfectly clear why you are approaching. Don’t hide it or cover it up to seem less obvious.  Seem very obvious and let her know your intentions.

Don’t try to be sneaky and ask to be a friend. Because you know what’s going to happen don’t you?

YOU WILL BECOME THE FRIEND.  If you don’t ask for more, we won’t give you more.  AND we will assume that you are very content being that friend until you tell us differently.

I refer to this as Nice Guy Manipulation.  A manipulation tactic that sadly, always blows up in a guys face.

So next time you meet a woman be very clear on what you are looking for.  Tell her you think she is attractive and want to get to know more.  When you are online don’t say you are looking for a friend because you most certainly are not.   Be clear, be straight and be direct with what you want and I can guarantee you will not find yourself in the friend zone.

The only way to get what you want is by asking for it!

Remember the only one sticking you in the friend zone is you.

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