How Good Are You With Women? Simple Checklist To Discover Your GAME LEVEL

Want to know how good you are with women?

I had a member of The Wing Girl Method write into me the other day and ask “Marni, Do you have a big checklist to see our level of where we’re at with women?” and I said “OMG, no I don’t but I will totally make one.”

I realize that this is an essential part of the learning process. Every person needs to know where they are currently at so that they know how to move forward and advance to the next level.

So below are my checklists that will help you define where you are with women RIGHT NOW and will show you what you need to do to get to that next level.

Please keep in mind that beating each new level takes time and requires practice.  A lot of men never advance past the beginners stage and mostly because they don’t want to take the time to get out there and practice.

Instead they settle for being alone for awhile until a “nice enough” girl comes along… only to latch on to her because they’re worried there will never be another one!

But you deserve more than this… you deserve the pick of any woman you want because you have SEVERAL beautiful women to choose from… or a warm, loving, intellectually and physically stimulating girl that you know you’d go to hell and back for… one you’ve dreamt about holding and kissing and loving ever since you knew you were into girls!

So find out where you are right now because I CHALLENGE YOU to move forward and never settle for anything less than your dream girl.

Here is How To Become The Kind of Man Girls Dream About:

Checklist for Level 1:

_ Approach any woman you want to talk to
_ Point out something you observe to her within the present moment without using a generic or cliche line that can be used on any other woman
_ Make eye contact throughout conversation?
_ Share something about yourself and follow up with a question about her
_ Make her smile and laugh
_ Maintain consistent conversation without firing off question after question or having awkward silences
_ Ask for her number/to see her again
_ Tell the difference between her being nice and her being genuinely interested in you
_ Make contact with her after the initial meeting and schedule a time to see her again

One of the most important things to master the beginners level is to master the art of conversation.

I’m talking about talking to a woman (ANY woman) with ease and confidence, to the point where you can create an intense emotional reaction in her that makes her crave you and want even more of you afterwards.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to check off all the things above, because you know I’m always here to help.

I can help you wherever you’re stuck, whether it’s breaking your approach anxiety, turning a mundane conversation into a flirtatious one, and even exuding so much confidence that women you’re interested in approach YOU first.

Click here to skyrocket past the beginning stages and onto the next level in your game.

Checklist for Level 2:

_ Approach every woman you want to talk to immediately after seeing/noticing her
_ Women always agree to see you when you express interest to go out/take them out
_ Maintain eye contact for at least 3 seconds and throughout entire conversation
_ Notice things about her you like and tell her
_ Progress the conversation from generic “profile” topics (where she/you work, live, like to do) to experiences and stories
_ Ask her open-ended questions about her life
_ Listen without interrupting or turning the focus of the conversation back on you
_ Disclose personal information about yourself as a means to engage and connect deeper with her
_ Touch her in ways that are flirty and comfortable for both you and her without feeling forced or seeing her pull away (become visibly uncomfortable)
_ Decipher her body language in regards to how she feels within the moment and act on it based on what you know she’s “saying”
_ Understand her signals in regards to ending the date with a hug, peck on the cheek, or epic romantic kiss… and act accordingly!
_ Get the first kiss and go for it without hesitation

The main objective at this level is understanding the female EXPERIENCE; being curious about her body language and forthcoming about what you notice about her in the moment.

This is a level that most men don’t even WANT to master because they’re so focused on having the perfect game plan or the perfect lines… all at the expense of the women they’re using it on!

But until you can fully understand and MASTER the female experience, you WILL NOT get to a level where women will want more than a second or third date, you won’t be able to escalate sexually with a woman, you won’t be able to turn women ON, and you sure as hell won’t have women wanting MORE of you other than the first couple interactions.

51jNJuDAamL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-50,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_I wrote a book based PRIMARILY on the female perspective and experience when it comes to evaluating, choosing, and sleeping with men.

It comes fully loaded with female testimonials, exercises you can do, and even its own checklist in itself.

You can get your copy here and finally get past these initial beginning stages that most men usually give up on.

Checklist for Level 3:

_ Literally walk and dress in ways that catches the attention of more women and prompts women to approach you first
_ Pick up any woman you want in public and in clubs
_ Notice thoughts, feelings, and reactions within yourself and disclose them to her to keep her engaged and be genuine
_ Notice reactions in her and check in with her within the moment
_ Kiss her in a way that escalates her arousal and leaves her wanting more

Checklist for Level 4:

_ Date any woman you want without having to settle or compromise your own standards or boundaries
_ Know when to take action and get physical
_ Understanding what makes every girl unique to cater to her sexual appetite and needs
_ Decipher her body language and moans during sex to amplify her sensation and bring her to orgasm
_ Disclose intimate details of yourself regarding your hopes and fears and be open, curious, and respectful when hearing hers
_ Find “The One”
_ Remain open to hearing her wants and needs of and be willing to change according to your own boundaries
_ Be forthcoming about your own negative feelings in the moment without blaming or being hurtful and make request for change based on your own wants and needs

This level of mastery is something most men (even guys who end up married and with kids) are never able to attain (hence the awfully high divorce rates nowadays.)

The reason that most men never seem to get to this point is because most guys only want a quick fix RIGHT NOW.

They want to talk to that hot girl NOW, they want to take her on a date NOW, have sex with her NOW… and then……?!


In order to become the one and only man all women want for MORE than one night, week, or month, you need to understand that it takes a level of commitment to yourself and a commitment to growing and learning with the women you’re with.

We ladies can sense a man that is committed to himself and bettering himself… and we find it ridiculously SEXY.

Of course, my job is to help you attain this level of mastery and finally join the 1% of men that truly emanates SMOKIN’ HOT confidence and sex appeal EVERYWHERE he goes.

I’m gonna do this by being your personal wing girl.

No, LITERALLY, I will be your personal one-on-one wing girl…of course only if you’re up for it.

The only difference is, with me helping you along the way, it won’t take you years to get to this level…and I sure as hell will not stop helping you until you get there!

So click here to find out more about having me work with you one on one to reach the level of superiority that most men cannot possibly achieve.

And remember, a man who understands women along with himself will attract and seduce any woman he wants.

I hope you make the right choices to become that man today!


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